Band: Versailles


Bass: Jasmine You

Guitar: TERU

Guitar: HIZAKI

Drums: YUKI

History: “In March 2007, Versailles was formed by KAMIJO (ex LAREINE) and HIZAKI (ex SULFURIC ACID), then Jasmine You, who was from Jakura and HIZAKI’s solo project, HIZAKI grace project, joined. Lastly, TERU (ex. Aikaryu) and YUKI (ex. Sugar Trip), who were strongly recommended by the Rock May Kan, which is a long established venue in Tokyo, joined the band. KAMIJO and HIZAKI already had a concept of a new band since Autumn 2006 and took six months to find the appropriate members to express it. Their concept is “The absolute Youshikibi (beauty of form) sound and extremes of aestheticism”.On the 29th of March, the names of the members were revealed, the name of the band being announced on March 30. On the 2nd of May, they posted a trailer for Versailles’s appearance on YouTube. Since then, they received a lot of proposals for tours and interviews from overseas. So far they have interviews with only international media/press.At the end of May, a German ..ary TV crew came to Japan and the band was interviewed. In June, the interviews with the German TV crews were on Sankei Newspaper (one of Japan’s domestic newspapers) and Versailles was featured in the article. Because of the large amount feedback, “Versailles Band” was in Yahoo’s top 5 search-keyword ranking. Since then they have been featured on TV as the hottest band.Versailles made their first appearance with a showcase on June 23rd, followed by their first performance on the 24th. On these dates they also distributed their very first single and DVD single, The Revenant Choir.

Versailles signed to the German label CLJ Records.  They released their first album, “Lyrical Sympathy,” on October 31st of 2007.

I just copied and pasted, if I was to write anything from that it would be the exact same, just summarised as that is the only true information around.  Credit obviously goes to the staff, or whoever wrote it, I hope you do not mind, I just really wanted to get Versailles in our profiles now.Discography:
Singles: The Revenant Choir

Albums/mini-albums: Lyrical Sympathy

Official Page



20 Responses to “Versailles”

  1. Versailles, you’re a GREAT band. Everything about your group is wonderful. Kamijo, you have such a great and strong voice!! I love the way your voice sounds.’re so darn cute and Hizaki, you’re beautiful! ^_^ Please continue giving your fans great songs to listen to! ^_- I can’t wait for them~

  2. versailles you are my god forever ^^ the best team ^^ Jasmine you , well u are my most honoured idol , i alway hopping i can be like you ^^ u so silent cool and pretty .. for kamijo , your voice rocks .. so sweet well beinging the tough under it … so Tempted …..Teru , was just like an dolls , you look so beautiful with ur hair style and matching faced make you like just come out from the picture where ever you are …. yuki you look yeng alway so cool , ^^ well hizaki ^^ you’re alway the cutest ^^ no one can compare the cutest as you ^^well i really love your song … wel it hardly to get in malaysia .. i was searching over n over seem like all shop didnt sell… well your song alway that great hope to get more new songs to hear ne ~*^^

  3. O.o
    Hab ich hier nicht reingeschrieben!!!? *schock*….
    I´m from German ^^ Can everybody understand me??? -That was funny ^^ XD
    (Ich hab keine Ahnung was ich hier für nen Müll reinschreibe…. XD) -I can good English…
    I love you all!!! >_< Ich liebe euch ^^ -Ob mich hier jemand versteht…? Naja XD -Ist schon lustig hier ^^

    Ich Grüße euch alle!!! auch Fans O.o XD
    hahgggdlbaedwunvvvvw^^ (muss keiner Verstehen….)


  4. Yay! You like Versailles too. ^^ ❤

    Do you have a favourite song yet?

    Yay! Sie mögen Versailles auch. ^^ ❤ Haben Sie ein Liebling Lied schon?

  5. Yes, It´s “The Revenant Choir” It´s realy good!!!
    Ich find Kamijos Stimme kommt da so geil rüber *schwärm* -Wie geil kann sone Stimme eigendlich sein!!!!? >_<
    naja ^^


  6. Ooh “The Revenant Choir” is pretty good, although, Kamijo’s English is really bad. He sounds so much better when he sings in Japanese. (・ω・`)

    Ooh “The Revenant Choir” ist hübsches gutes, obgleich, Englisch Kamijos wirklich schlecht ist, als ob er Socken in seiner Öffnung hat. Er klingt soviel besser, wenn er auf japanisch singt.

  7. XD >_<
    Das ist aber bei den Meisten so XP
    Ich persönlich würde Die alle mal Deutsch sprechen hören XD (Das wär bestimmt lustig) XP -Ich weiß, ich bin gemein…


  8. darf ich mal was fragen is teru männlich oder weiblich ^^ leider hab ich keine ahnung *schäm* würd es aber gerne wissen wäre coll wenn mir jemand das beantwortet hoffentlich kommen blad poster von Versailles die sind soo hammerst geil ^^

  9. @Vivien
    Oh! Noch was Deutsches!! *freu* Teru ist männlich, die sind alle männlich ^^
    Ich hatte vorher auch keine Ahnung… obwohl, bei Teru hab ich das schon erkannt X3 (der is voll sweet^^) Wo kommst du den genau her? Sry, bin öfter so neugirig XD

    Gruß an alle anderen von:

  10. Versailles is having an European Tour this year, these are the dates!
    MARCH 30TH – Stockholmo/Sweden – Klubben
    MARCH 31TH – Helsinki/Finland – Tavastia
    APRIL 2ND – Frankfurt/Germany – Batschkapp
    APRIL 3TH – München/Germany – Kleine Georg-Elser Halle
    APRIL 6TH – Paris /France – La Loco
    APRIL 8TH – Barcelona/Spain – Sala Salamandra

  11. Thank you. I saw the dates, but I will post them later when I can log on. Thank you though!

  12. Yeah “The Revenant Choir” gefällt mir auch am Besten ^^
    Die fünf sind toll ❤
    Ich mag Teru am liebsten ^.^
    Haben die denn gar keinen Keyboarder?! Hm~ tya.

  13. GREAT!!! Ha németül és spanyolul írnak, én írok magyarul!!! Fantasztikus a zenéjük, szeretem ezt a stílust, bár, nem a kedvenc együttesem. ^^ Teru-t viszont imádom, és magát a Versailles-t is… ❤ Fantastic music, love Teru! ❤

  14. hmmm,i wondering one thing.,.,.how old are they and how long are they singing&playing…??

  15. hmh i think all of your songs a beautifuly written. and the rythm is amaizing your all such beautiful men. i hope to be in a jrock band soon i may be yung but when i herd your songs it made me wnat to start a jrock band but be very careful who i choose to be in it. well any way i do so very much love your music =]

  16. A Horrible band. They Performed at AUSA this weekend, and not only was their performance awful and plastic, they started 3 hours late after causing a major ruckus. I would never go to see them live again… even if it was free.

  17. Versailles is very good group.I love theirs music.

  18. HIZAKIสวยมาก

  19. งามที่สุดเลย สวยมาก สวย……….สวย.สวย.สวย………สวย………..สวย….

  20. HIZAKIสวยมากๆๆๆๆๆๆ

    เล่นกีต้าร์โครตเก่งอ่า อยากให้เป็นผู้หญิงจริงๆอ่า

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