Artist: Miyavi

Miyavi Currently
Nicknames: 382, Meevs, MYV, 雅, Miyabi
Born: September 14, 1981
Origin: Nishikujo, Konohana-ku, Osaka, Japan
History: When Due’le Quartz disbanded in 2002, the previously known Miyabi changed his name to Miyavi for his new solo career. New to the solo scene, and unsure of where to go, released his first solo album Gagaku. Soon after the release of his debut album, signed a contract with PS Company, with whom he’s been with ever since.

In October of 2004, he begun to sign notes with MYV, which is when that nickname was born into the music scene for him to be called by, after releasing his first major single Rock no gyakushū -Superstar no jōken-. This was also the year that he signed up with Universal Records as MYV, although that dwindled out over the years. However, his first major album was in June 2005, Miyavizm. Which was a major hit, being it was different, and got a lot of interest from world wide people.

In his next albums, he shifted his sound to a more acoustic/pop feel for the Miyaviuta ~Dokuso~ and MYV Pops, released in August and September of 2006.

In September of 2006, he showed off his new acoustic styling for the “25 Shūnen Kinen Koen Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo 5 Days -Dokuso-” which was a birthday tour for his fans, and for his new outlook on life. Which brought new albums, and sounds that everyone was not accustomed to hearing. His look was completely different, and his way of doing things was as well. Bringing this style to the new crowd, brought him a different kind of fan, and unfortunately, he lost some as well. However, many still stuck by him through the dramatic changes, just to be pleasantly surprised as they did.

A random performance in Las Vegas, was announced in Miyavi’s blog in Feburary of 2007, which only a select few people were able attend, due to the quickened time schedule of this performance.
With previous times, Miyavi had thoroughly told everyone that he would never join another band for the rest of his life. However, in December of 2006, he announced that he would, once again, be joining a band despite what had once been said. Unfortunately, the members of this band were completely unknown, and what was going on with it was also a secret. However, in May of 2007, another member of this band announced the details of this “superband” and that there would be a surprise performance for the fans to see in Long Beach, California at Anime Expo. The first performance was a hit, but after that there has been no known information as to how the “superband” is doing, or what their plans are for the future. Only briefly, have any of the current members said anything about the band, known as S.K.I.N.

Later that same month, Miyavi also announced that he would be releasing a new album, with a totally different mix on what his music sounds like. It wasn’t going to be a normal album, but instead, a remix of his old songs in a new way. Some of them were very similar to how they’d originally sounded, however, some were extremely different from the first versions. However, the release of “7 Samurai Sessions -We’re Kavki Boiz-,” was a major hit, and brought a new spot light on these Kavki Boiz who so eloquently helped Miyavi with this remixed album. The limited edition of the album, also came with a bonus DVD which showed off the members who helped create it.

In late June, The Beginning of Neo Visualizm Tour started which was a supporting of the other album he produced called, “Sakihokoru Hana no you ni -Neo Visualizm- / Kabuki Danshi,” to help bring it out to his wide variety of fans. However, it was a very short tour that only included Korea, and Japan for the total of 6 weeks.

However, in November of the same year, he released a single entitled “Subarashikikana, kono sekai – What A Wonderful World,” which was supposed to be an opening to the album that would be coming out the following year. The new sounds, and different appearance got many fans riled up for the expectancy of the coming album. Since no one knew entirely, what to expect. Shortly after, in January of 2008, “Hi no hikari sae todokanai kono basho de” was released as well, to show another side of the new coming album. Which just got the fans more excited for what the album was going to be like. However, the second single was a collaboration with another well known artist, Sugizo.

Then, March of 2008, the new album that had created so much hype, “This iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock,” was finally released for everyone to hear. Shortly after that was released, dates for the “”This Iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock Tour 2008,” were finally let out, and the official areas at which Miyavi was going to be performing were open in the out. Dates all around the world, are still being scheduled as we speak.

Gagaku (October 30, 2002)
Galyuu (December 2, 2003)
Miyavizm (June 1, 2005)
MYV Pops (August 2, 2006)
Miyavi ~Dokusou~ (September 13, 2006)
7 Samurai Sessions -We’re Kavki Boiz- (July 18, 2007)
This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock (March 19, 2008 )

Shindemo Boogie-Woogie (November 30, 2002)
Pop Is Dead (November 30, 2002)
Jingle Bell (December 18, 2002)
Jibun Kakumei -2003- (April 16, 2003)
Tariraritarara (June 25, 2003)
Coo quack cluck -Ku. Ku. Ru (September 3, 2003)
Ashita, Genki ni Naare (June 23, 2004)
Rock no Gyakushuu -Super Star no Jouken-/21 Seikigata Koushinkyoku (October 20, 2004)
Freedom Fighters -Icecream wo Motta Hadashi no Megami to, Kikanjuu wo Motta Hadaka no Ousama- (May 4, 2005)
Kekkonshiki no Uta ~Kisetsu Hazure no Wedding March~/Are You Ready to Rock? (October 12, 2005)
Senor Senora Senorita”/”Gigpig Boogie (January 18, 2006)
Dear My Friend/Itoshii Hito (April 12, 2006)
Kimi ni Negai Wo (July 5, 2006)
Sakihokoru Hana no You Ni -Neo Visualizm-/Kabuki Boiz (June 20, 2007)
Subarashikikana, Kono Sekai -What a Wonderful World- (November 14, 2007)
Hi no Hikari Sae Todokanai Kono Basho De (January 16, 2008 )

Gekokujou (live concert, July 23, 2003)
Oresama (film, February 25, 2004)
Hitorigei (music video compilation, August 21, 2004)
Indies Last Live in Nihon Budokan (live concert, December 1, 2004)
Noriko no Ichi (live documentary, January 12, 2005)
Hitorigei 2 (music video compilation, December 7, 2005)
Hitorigei 3 (music video compilation, December 20, 2006)
25 Shunen Kinen Koen Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo 5 Days -Dokuso- (live concert, May 2, 2007)
The Beginning Of NEO VISUALIZM TOUR 2007 -FINAL- (May 7th, 2008 )
The Beginning Of NEO VISUALIZM Tour 2007 「下剋上」 Live (live concert, May 7th, 2008 )

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11 Responses to “Miyavi”

  1. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerpt experimenting with music. MYV☆POPS and Miyaviuta ~dokusou~ were released consecutively in 2006… has a set genre to describe their music, I know this is stupid, but Miyavi is Miyavi s genre. He hears… his experiments, it gives a nice variety of music to listen to, even if his newest work is quite scary to listen to at first. If you don t like the music at first, next time you listen you may just find […]

  2. Coooollllllllllllllllll…!!!!

  3. hey! I´m from germany so I write in German ^^
    miyavi du geile Sau!! (spaß, oder? O.o) X3
    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanz großes lob an dich und dein Style!! Ich hätte auch gerne so glatte haare, aber nein! Mit sowas werde ich nicht gesegnet… Bald geh ich zum hairkiller (Ist nen friseur geschäft in deutschland) der wird das ja wohl hinkriegen!! >.<
    wenn der auch nicht mach ich ne Glatze und kauf mir ne Perrücke XD

    Gruß an alle Fans und an Miyavi aus deutschland von:

  4. I adore Miyavi, but I have to say that I liked him even more before Neo Visualizm (did I spell it right?).
    He went and tattooed his pretty face… *sniff* why? He’s still as adorable as he used to be, but I mean… his face?!
    Ah… anyhow. I can’t exactly say what genre of music I like best from him. I love the song Senor Senora Senorita, plus my all time favourite song which I can’t spell, but it ends with Hime.
    I also have no idea what I’m writing… o.o;

  5. Sorry for posting something again. 😛

    I wanted to say that yes, Miyavi is an amazing guitarist and vocalist, but I think what I like more about him is him himself (wow, talk about complicated). I like him for who he is, not for the music he writes or sings. I don’t know if I even have the right to say what I’m saying, considering I don’t even know him really, but there’s just something that when you read about him or watch interviews and silly little videos, it just seems like you can really ‘know’ him.

    I don’t have anymore to say now… just that there’s something about him… and I don’t know what it is.

  6. I don’t think he actually tattooed his face, btw, I’m pretty sure its just paint. (its not in all his pictures for neo visualizm)

  7. Its not a tattoo as far as we know, its just paint.
    & the profile doesn’t mention it being a tattoo as far as I can see.

  8. amazing. i really love Miyavi-sama. i think my fav thing ever done by him really was neo-visualizm. i liked the song senor, senora, senorita tho…

  9. He did NOT tattoo his face. It’s just paint. Relax. XP

  10. If me and Miyavi ever met. I would call him big brother!! *laughs and Hugs Pic*

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