Band: Wizard


Vocal: Kaito

Guitar: HIRO

Guitar: Masumi

Drums: Haruka

Ex-bassist: Saki
Ex-guitarist: Mitsunori
Ex-drummer: Shou

In 2004, Kaito, Mitsunori, and Hiro begin activities as Wizard. They shortly had a live at the Ikebukuro Cyber even though they didn’t have a complete line-up. Their first maxi single ’Scarmiglione’ was distributed at this concert. (Only 30 copies exist!) Shortly after they released another single named ’Fork to Knife no Trip Theater’. Shortly after they accept a new bassist named Saki. Also, the drummer Shou joins and Masumi replaces Mitsunori on guitars. Later, In 2005 ’Ookami Shoujo’ as well as ’Platonic Boy’ were both released on February 22nd, and they even played a free concert at the Ikebukuro Cyber. During this time Shou leaves (after only nine days in the band) and his successor Haruka joins. In September they release ’Nude Baby’, and ’Cult Baby’, and shortly after that release a full length album named Gemini. In January 2006, Wizard took part in many festivals, with bands like the Pumpkin head as well as others bands from their label. They also hosted their first concert which sold out at the Takadanobaba AREA. After this they relased their 4th maxi single titled ’Whiteday’ and released the PV Bribe of Love along with two more maxi singles. They also went on a one man tour which lasted approximately 3 months. January 2007, Wizard released their 2nd full length album, ’Aquarius’, and after that they released another full length album titled ’Ura Wizard’. Overall the band is active, and seems as if it will continue regularly releasing content despite line-up problems. In addition, Saki, bassist of Wizard, will be taking his leave of the band following their August 23rd show at Shibuya AX.

Ura Wizard Aquarius

Honey *
Materialism – Materia
Idealism – IDEA
Powder Snow
Cult Baby
Nude Baby
Twilight Monochrome
Scape Goat
Ookami Shoujo
Platonic Boy
Drenched Girl
Fork to Knife no Trip Theater

Powder Snow – Affection
Kiri no Kusabi – mist wedge-
Kaede Natsu -fu-ka-
Twilight Monochrome
Drenched Girl

Fansite: System Zero

(includes ex-bassist Saki, will update with newer picture)


9 Responses to “Wizard”

  1. are all of them guys?….cause i think like…at least 2 of them are girls…

  2. LOL!!! Yes, they’re all guys 🙂

  3. Almost every visual band is all male.

    There is Danger Gang, ExistTrace and a few others that are Female Visual.

  4. wait Saki actually left?! are you sure? well you probably are, i really know nothing. i read he announced he was leaving, but decided to stay.. now I’m confused! this is really upsetting, i cant believe it T_T

  5. Saki didn’t leave. He changed his mind and has stayed with the band. ^^

  6. i really like this band and their songs and i heard of them a few months ago ans started liking them.

  7. I love the music, and love Hiro, of course! Core and Platonic Boy… Fu-ka and nude baby, and the others.^^

  8. kaito added me to his friend’s list on yahoo…

  9. on yahoo? are you serious?? tell me how!

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