Noir Fleurir

Band: Noir Fleurir

Vocal: Teru
Bass: Kengo
Guitar: Karen
Drums: Soshi
Ex-guitarist: Tomo
Ex-vocalist: Yasu
Support guitarist: Mast
History: Noir Fleurir, then DEFLOWER, formed in 1998, which had Yasu on vocals, Karen and Tomo on guitar, Kengo on bass, and Soshi on the drums. They released three demos consecutively. In 1999 DEFLOWER changed it’s name to Noir Fleurir, Teru also joined as the new vocalist. Tomo left the same year, and was replaced by a support member, Mast, who was the guitarist of Aliene Ma’riage. They released their first mini album in January of 2000. The rest of the year resulted in the release of a single, two full length albums, and two videos. When Aliene Ma’riage disbanded in 2001, Mast became the official guitarist of Noir Fleurir, although, not long after that they too disbanded.

I apologise for the poor information, all of the sites I found were in French, and I did the best I could at translating, and working with an online translator when I got stuck. Unfortunately it didn’t help much, so I only put up the basics.
Albums/minis: Kuroiki hana no sennenki~saishuu shou~, For Ten Years After, Kuroiki hana no sennenki~shinshou~, Millenium~kuroiki hana no sennenki
Singles/demos: Shinseru hana, Shinseru tsuboni, Shinseru tane, Omocha no Miisha
Omocha no Miisha Image:


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