I know we’re going back and forth but…

The last few days have been a flurry of discussion between Rae and I…do we continue JR and Vk like we just said we were? Or do we let it die? Is there a place for it? Does it really need to exist?

Today, finally we’ve reached our decision, and it’s one that makes us sad.

Jrockvisual.com is gone.

While I, at least, want to continue on bringing news and things to the American listeners of Japanese Music, I don’t think that keeping jrvk up is the thing to do. I can’t speak for Rae in this part, as I’m not sure of her feelings on the matter. What I do know is that we both have kept our love of Japanese music, we just aren’t feeling the jrockvisual.com love anymore.

So what does the gibberish I’m spewing forth mean, exactly?

The site will no longer be updated, at all…I’m not sure that we’ll even visit it anymore.

We’ll be taking the front page announcement down, and leaving the recent posts (or homepage) up front, like it used to be…for easier browsing.

We’ll be leaving the site up, though whether permanently, I’m not sure…it’ll be up at least until December.

This is a very hard decision for us…jrvk is kind of like our child. So abandoning it is very very sad, and hard to do. But it’s what needs to be done. There are just SO MANY sites out there that bring news…and most of them are bigger than us, and though we had aspirations to be bigger at some point neither one of us really had the time or money to put into making it bigger. When we first started, we were one of the ONLY sites out there…and so it was easy to post news and information about new releases…but as America’s love of Jrock grew so did their requirement for more news…and that’s just something that neither Rae nor I could provide.

So we’re letting it go…

If you have questions, comments, concerns or anything else you’d like to tell me, you can email me at samehada <at> jrockvisual.com.



So.. its November.. I know what we said and we didn’t do it. You know why? Its not for some of the comments from certain losers. Its not because we don’t know what Jrock or Visual is. I’d rather read about the news of Girugamesh disbanding or how utterly horrible Kyo’s vocals sound than to compete with a bunch of other people in order to make a name for ourself.

Has it been fun? Of course it has. Its just impossible to try to balance out your life when its become the center of attention to where you can’t do it anymore. It saddens me to know what some people think, like in a letter I received recently..

“I hope JRVK stays open even though the the reaction was less than perfect or what I expected anyways.”
~ AJ

Yeah, I had that hope too, but it just cannot happen anymore. Some of you will be jumping for fucking joy, and I don’t really care. Some of you will be upset, & I’m sorry for that, but its like putting a veggie on life support knowing it does nothing.

So what happens now?
Well.. the site stays as it has and will be until the domain runs out in December. From which point it will not be renewed. Nothing will be updated from this point of posting, everything will remain as is, not edited, nothing added. More than likely we will not check any comments, which will give certain idiots a field day.

If you’d like to send me hate mail I’m despairsrae <at> jrockvisual.com



~ by Samehada on November 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “I know we’re going back and forth but…”

  1. since this site is clossing down, can you tell me other sites that are as reliable as you use to be in letting its fans know about news of bands and such? thanks and I wish the best for the both of you! ^_^

  2. I am tired of dealing with RE_taicho’s shit. He/She/it has been banned.

    Of course, that doesn’t stop them from getting around that, but it does make me feel better, and that’s what really matters, now isn’t it?

  3. Oh man…I’m really sorry to hear this. This site is what inspired me to get my own J-rock/VK blog going and even motivated me to write a VK article of my own. But I understand your decision. Thanks for all the hardwork everyone on here has gone into putting all the info together. =)

  4. I just discovered your website and I am pretty much devastated to find out you are no longer. I would beg you to come back but I respect your decision. If you ever feel the need to gush over Jrock and VK, IM me at NeonCrucifixion on AIM.

  5. Hi. How your project develops?

  6. Yawn !
    bored now


    Mana-sama – you sexy jrocker!

    Luv ya!!!

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