the cover art for the GLASS SKIN single has recently been released. In all honesty, I think Toshiya made it (since he likes to draw and stuff) with finger paints (just my guess).

My personal feelings on the art though, is that it is ugly as hell.


~ by reisuzaku on July 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “GLASS SKIN cover”

  1. Yep, ugly as hell.

  2. uhh nice one Toshiya nice ^^” I”m still buying the CD tho

  3. Uhmm… LOL!

    As a basist, I have nothing else to say to Toshiya. He rocks! As a visual artist, with regards to the medium used and the art portrayal itself, I would give him a 7/10 for this. Since I am always with the rule of “art for art’s sake” and that this piece of art is quite good (well, in my opinion – not that anyone cares). But then, I honestly think that this piece of artwork is quite not suitable for a CD cover. Also, it kind of surprised me and a bit of it, that it bugs me that this piece of work came up from his concept of a “glass skin.” Or is it that they chose it just because…? XD

  4. first off, I’m not POSITIVE Toshiya made it. That comment was meant to be a joke. And notice how I said I “THINK” he made it, jeez. But like Euri said, I don’t think it’s suitable for album art.

  5. I like it. =) It’s expressive and tells many different stories all by itself.

  6. i love how you people are taking one person’s assumption as fact. types of dir en grey fans never change.

    for album art it sucks, but at least it’s original.

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