Happy Birthday Mana-sama!

Mana (add -sama for sucking up, -chan for teasing xD) of ex-Malice Mizer, current to Moi dix Mois, turns another year older today. Speculation is that Mana is aged 42 today, and for this age, he really doesn’t look that way. 

Thanks http://www.mana-sama.net for the awesome picture.

~ by Raelynn on March 18, 2008.

14 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mana-sama!”

  1. Are you sure? I heard he’s turning 39….cuz he’s 3 years older than gackt and he is 35….so yeaterday mana would have been 38…but today …39. please correct me if im wrong….but dont yell at me

    He could easily be my father *grasp*
    Happy birthday Mana-san!

  3. I’m not sure if he’s that old. I read that somewhere.

  4. hahaha silly silly, mana doesn’t go by our age. He is immortal remember? XD

  5. eh so he could be about 4-500 years old..perhaps ^^

  6. I wonder how him and Gackt got to be immortal I wanna kno their secret 😛 Happy Birthday Mana-sama

  7. Mana 400 years old? XD

  8. 400? you silly(( he cool guy)

  9. Forgive me your oldness. XD

  10. […] for teasing xD of ex-Malice Mizer, current to Moi dix Mois, turns another year older today. …http://jrockvisual.com/2008/03/18/happy-birthday-mana-sama/MySpace.com – Mana – Sama – 21 – Male – Hiroshima, JP – http://www.myspace …MySpace profile for mana – […]

  11. happy birthday mana sama, i love you!

  12. …………… ( ? ) ………

  13. Mana is mine and happy b-day!!

  14. No!
    Mana has never given her age
    And what does it matter!
    SHe is mana-sama ( btw that means. Mana- evil and sama- lord/ master)
    And however old she is I will always love her!!
    Btw I’m putting she dilibretly I know it’s a dude but he is above everything yet more feminine
    Oh my sexy mana
    I will love u always!!!!
    Mana is my influence

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