Awakening by BLOOD
My last memory is the sight of sweet, moistened lips
Sinking deeply into my sense
The proof of our love in the marks your fingernails left at my throat
Look now, the promised eternity…
I lay my hands upon those weaving, expanding shadows,
and melt away
In full bloom, like a flower that knows no death
Lost in a trance, I can only feel you
Spreading these wings, within this unending time
No one can stand in my way Surely…
Clad in immorality, the silhouette of my new tranformation
Perfect transcendance  And now…
Softly I draw to me the radiance reflected in your newly opened eyes
Still filled and lacking nothing, like the full moon
Everything I see before my eyes is changing
Spreading these wings, I’ll build a world that never ends
Together with you Forever…
The skies above sadly reflect the past
that I was cruelly taken everything…

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