Spilled Milk

Spilled Milk by Dir en Grey
So I want you for me to die
Hide your blood veined eyes Swallow your loneliness The voices pressures in
Your words that ask for me The joy of being needed
I bite my nails just a little
Hide your crying wrists The spilling milk The persistent cat becomes silent
You don’t want it but can’t take your eyes off of the spilled milk
Is that love ? Mistake ?
I look at you just a little
I picture the swaying vision Of the reality being real You test me persistently
You get angry when I don’t agree You lose yourself
And I fall in love with you once again
Can’t be touched Won’t be touched
blind sorrow


I know it’s hard for you to wait for me, so don’t cry, go ahead and sleep
What do you want from me? If I say to you that you look beautiful, will you be able to sleep?

You stare at the flowers by the window, without even blinking
You want what you can’t have, You wish to be pregnant But the only thing you can’t hear is this child’s…
It’s so dark and dark and dreadful Let’s calm down with an old tale
I am good at pretending to cry So I spill the milk and smile and I yell her the truth about not being pregnant
Don’t do an excessive thing
** This song is also on the Withering to Death album.

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