GPK, vocals & composing:
GPKISM profile pic

Kiwamu, guitar:
Kiwamu profile GPKISM

Started: 2007
Status: Active

GPKISM’s official website was launched in August of 2007, soon after Thanatosis was remixed by DJ Dora. GPKISM was featured in the November issue of G&L Bible with a small tour announcement two days later in Tokyo, Japan. On August 15th 2007 , the first press release of Sublimis was launched, with Sublimis 2nd press release to follow on January 9th. GPKISM had their first interview with Tainted Reality March 6th. Currently, GPKISM has a single day tour in Tokyo, Japan [Alamode Night 31 featuring Darkest Labyrinth] on April 13th and a three day tour with BLOOD in Australia in June. GPKISM is one of four bands on The Darkest Labyrinth music label, which was started by Kiwamu.

GPKISM — Sublimis [2008-02-29]

Sublimis 1st Press Release
Sublimis 2nd Press Release

Official website
Official Myspace
GPK’s blog
Kiwamu’s blog
Darkest Labyrinth Website
Darkest Labyrinth Myspace

GPKISM profile picKiwamu profile GPKISM


3 Responses to “GPKISM”

  1. I like this band. GPK is especially friendly and sweet. XD

  2. We have an interview with them soon, I’m not sure what to expect really, but I was surprised by how soon Kiwamu answered our offering.

  3. god i love these guys music its so awsome imean the best i love you guys rick on

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