Exist † Trace

Exist † Trace


Vocals: Jyou (嬢)
Guitar: Miko (みこ)
Guitar: Omi (乙魅)
Bass: Naoto (猶人)
Drums: Mally ()

Annunciation -the heretic elegy- (12.13.2006)

“Ambivalence” (08.28.2005)
“Funeral Bouquet” (1st Press 02.15.2006, 2nd Press 01.10.2007)
“riot” (07.17.2006)
“Liquid” (07.18.2007)

Drive Up!! vol. 1 (04.15.2005) Corrosion
SUMMIT 03 (11.29.2006) Mabushii Hodo no Kurayami no Naka de

Silent Hill 2061125 Pavilion which deer barks (03.07.2007) (First Press Limited Edition released 01.31.2007)

One of Japans few ALL female bands, which formed initially on June 2003 in Tokyo, Japan. The founding members, consisting of Jyou, Miko, Naoto, and Mally. On December 28th, 2003, Exist † Trace held their first live, breaking their way into the J-Rock indies scene. “Hai no yuki” the bands first demo tape was released in February. Later that same year Exist † Trace became what we know it as today, with the addition of Omi, the bands current rhythm guitarist. With a finalized line up, the band continued performing and recording music. Within this time frame a 2nd demo tape was recorded and distributed for free. Ambivalence the bands first true single was recorded and released around mid 2005. Continuing to shock the rock world with their energy, Exist † Trace performed at a grand special event held by Sequence Records. The event which was recorded onto DVD also lead to the band appearing on an omnibus release titled “SUMMIT 03”. By the end of 2006, the band released their first mini album “Annunciation -the heretic elegy-“. The first press release of this album also contained a DVD which held the bands first PV “JUDEA.” Unfortunatly the band is currently on hiatus.

Sequence Records
422-8062 Shizuoka-ken, Shizuoka-shi, Suruga-ku, Inagawa 1-choume 10-27-101
Telephone and Fax Number: 054-295-6550
credit goes to JaME and Exist † Trace homepage


6 Responses to “Exist † Trace”

  1. what does haitus mean lol i forgot

  2. Their song is not really good I think. Well, I’m not jumping hearing them. But they can definitely do their stuff.

    I hope they are going to make some nice material in the future

  3. exist is good for me
    its all i can say

    I’m a fan of them

  4. Exist trace are NOT on Hiatus, I don’t know where you got that from. Jyou was sick for a while but that was ages ago

  5. I love Exist Trace : )

  6. You messed up the member order…the founding members are Naoto, Jyou and Mally. Then they put an ad in a magazine and auditioned miko…after accepting her Omi auditioned and then they asked her to join. And they never went on a hiatus either..

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