Vo: Haruto (Kusanagi Haruto 草薙 遥斗)

ex-Gt: Naoya (仍夜)

ex-Gt: Yousuke (陽介)

Ex-Bass: Kou (洸)

Ex- Drums: Takeru (猛)

Diablo is an indies band formed in 2007. No news on releases, but their current focus is lives. They currently have five known songs: VANISH, ALICE, 永久を捜して,
恋人, and COLOR. Their drummer announced that he was withdrawing from the group in 2008 due to constraints on spending time with his family. Bassist Kou has since left as well. No news so far on a replacement or disbandment.

At the end of April both guitarists, Yousuke and Naoya have announced that they are leaving as well, leaving the vocalist, Haruto, as the sole remaining member.  He does intend to carry on as Diablo, so watch for new band members in the coming months.  (source:  shatteredtranquility.net)

This is a group that put a looot of work into their look and their sound, although there’s room for improvement. As far as basic melody and lyrics go, they’ve got good concepts, but beyond that there isn’t as much distinction as I’d like, and Haruto has a long way to go to make his vocals shine. DIABLO is a little unpolished, but they could be a diamond in the rough. I see some improvement in ALICE, however, although I think this is mostly due to synth/arrangement touches. Maybe they need a keyboardist?
They seem to be hardworking, as one can definitely tell from the looks of their OHP (I think they even have a newsletter!) so we can expect great things from them in the future, yes?
~By Rina

Self Description (translated by Bokura):

Hello and nice to meet you, this is Diablo.

We are a band that would like to create a peculiar world view by using each member’s individuality to express ourselves. We also aim to have lives with really high sound quality. We make lives for all fans to enjoy, so please come to our lives and together let’s have some fun!

Individual Member Profiles:
Name-Kusanagi Haruto
Birthday- February 20th
Blood type- Z
Hobbies- Searching and attacking the enemy
Favorite Food- Everything that tastes good
Favorite Movie- A Perfect World
Favorite Insect- Those Stag Beetles with the big left fang
A Word for your fans-(*´∀`)人(´∀`*) (Bokura note: High five)
(`・ω・´)シャキーン (Bokura note: This is a “Shakiin” face which means something like “I feel great!”. The word “Shakin” is onomatopoeia for the sound of gold dust, so I think the “Shakiin term came from that. Without the “Shakiin” it can also be a kissy face.)

Name- Yousuke
Part- Guitar
Birthday- January 22nd
Blood type- A
Hobbies- Daydreaming
Favorite Food- Food from Chiyosaku (Bokura note: a ramen shop in the Takadanobaba area of Tokyo)
Favorite Movie- Don’t have one
Favorite Insect- Don’t have one
Dislikes- Mayonnaise
Message for your fans- “I Love You!”

Name- Naoya
Part- Guitar
Birthday-March 20th
Blood type- O
Hobbies- Drinking alcohol
Favorite Food-Avocado
Favorite Insect-I hate all insects
Favorite Movie- Pan’s Labyrinth
Message for your fans- “Later” (Bokura note: he actually uses “Jaano” which is a different way of “Sore Ja” or “See ya later”)

Name- Kou
Part- Ex-Bass
Birthday-October 14th
Blood type- A
Hobbies- Video games, Sleeping, Reading and Writing
Favorite Food- Chocolate and Ice Cream, but I’m rather fond of alcohol too
Favorite Insect- I hate insects
Favorite Movie- Don’t watch movies
Dislikes- Things that make me uncomfortable
Message for your fans-” I’m sorry” (Bokura note: It’s natural in Japanese to apologize after talking about yourself, as to not seem boastful)

Name- Takeru
Part- Ex-Drums
Birthday- July 7th
Blood Type- I dunno
Likes- Rice balls, Jagarico (A dried potato snack)
Dislikes- SpongeBob

~updated 30.3.08

DIABLOG (Japanese Blog)



3 Responses to “DIABLO”

  1. Did you know one of them is female?

    …one of the blogs I read on a semi-regular basis belongs to the bassist of the band Laverite, who recently did a show with them…

    and he blogged about talking to them and mentioned that one of them is female…

    My guess would be Kou…but I’m not sure!

  2. Kou’s got a very extensive head dress. o.o;;

  3. Hm, love the music! And also the guys. ^^

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