Band: Spectrum-X


Nullifer – Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Drum machine, keyboards, mixing mastering, web design, artwork, and scenography.

Candybones – Bass, Vocals, keyboards, artwork, and scenography.

Started: 2006
Status: Active

In 2004 Nullifer and Candybones met. That same year Nullifer moved from the United States to Italy to be with her. Together they created Spectrum-X. They have released two albums and one single together. They are currently touring Japan.

Spectrum-X has the sounds I’m used to listening to when it comes to heavy metal. Their sound is excellent and macabre in their own terms, not based on a previous vocalization. Their CD “Tea Party with Zombies” is a great example. The vocals range from menacingly creepy to hoarse scream to deep growls. I enjoy it very much.
~ By Rae

Darkest Night Ever, Tea Party with Zombies
Singles: Gnomes Bones

Nulifer’s Myspace
CandyBones’ Myspace

Vampire Freaks
The Darkest Labyrinth OHP
The Darkest
Labyrinth Myspace


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