Name: Carrie
Text Color: Text

Alias(es): Samehada/Kisamehada/Lucid Cacophony/Corvinus Angel
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Blood Type: AB
Birthdate: 2/25
Sign: Pisces
Height: 5′ 9”
Position: Admin, Rae’s Neko, Grapic Designer, People Person
Hobbies: Writing, singing, making Rae’s life interesting.
Likes: Music, cats, the moon
Dislikes: Stupid people, whiney people
Favorite Object: Computer ❤
Personal Quote: Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos
Current favorite music: BLOOD, deadman, Sugar, D
Uber Short Bio Bit: I got into Jrock almost 5 years ago. At the time, a friend of mine on a forum had this signature of a REALLY hot guy. I, of course, asked her who it was, she said “Kaoru from Dir en grey”…so I looked them up, and watched the PV of theirs that she said to start with, [KR]Cube. After having a minor moment of “omfg…that hawt chick is the bassist O_O”…I was hooked.

Since then I’ve listened to almost every scrap of music I can get my hands on. Though my favorite artists change almost as often as my underwear, Dir en grey still holds a special place in my heart as the band that started it all for me.

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