Name: Rae/Raelynn
Color: Text

Gender: Female
Country: USA
Blood Type: A positive
Birthdate: 7/7
Sign: Cancer (aka lil crabcake)
Height: 5′ 4″ (I’m the shortest and miss boss-lady-person)
Digital Designs: Apophysis, Web Design, Wallpapers
Music(duh), fishnets, writing, butterflies
Dislikes: Tapping, pop, idiots, annoying people, scene kids
Favorite Object: Safety pin / Computer
Personal Quote: “You are a travesty wrapped in awesome.” (Thanks Kelly XD)
Hobbies: Writing, sleeping, giving Samehada perverted ideas
Main Positions: Admin/Director, General Coordinator, Webmistress, Coder
Alternative Positions: Jrockadmin, Myspace Coordinator/Coder, Samehada’s Tachi
Current VK Bands: NoveLis, X Japan, D, Kozi, MUCC
Current Non-VK Bands:
BLOOD, Dir en Grey
Other bands: Nattefrost, Cradle of Filth, Spectrum-X, Three Days Grace, GPKISM, Nightwish
Alias(es): Spooky, teh Raven, Asphyziata, DespairsRae/JrockAdmin, Metempsykhosis
Tattoo/Piercings: X; left shoulder. Kami butterfly; right shoulder.
Smoke/Drinking: Stopped smoking 6 months ago ^_^

How I got into Jrock:
Well, it started a few years ago, about three or so. I took this quiz to find out what pants of Malice Mizer I had, it sounds odd now, but its really how it happened. I took the quiz eight times and go Mana every single time(XD). Then a few months or so after that I knew this girl, Remmy, whom was really big into Jrock, at the time it was something to do with Gackt’s “dying” era. I remember her being worried about it and stuff. Time went on and I met back up with Samehada in this online competition for a moderator position. Her “room” was full of all these Jrock guys, lots of Dir en Grey pictures from their Visual kei era, and she started me officially with Dir en Grey. After that time went on and this website was created from that love child.


Note about Myspace:
I generally do not add people whom I don’t know or have never seen before.
If you do in fact try to add me, add something in the messages so I can consider it.
Do not be offended if I deny your request even with a message.


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