Another round of releases, appearances, and even some postponements have been made. Lets get started shall we.

Megamasso will be releasing their new single, Beautiful Girl, on August 6. The single will come in 2 versions. Version A (regular) will have 3 tracks, while Version B (limited) will contain 2 tracks and the DVD containing the PV for the title track.

Angelo is making a few stops in L.A. during the month of October. Amongst these stops will be a concert at Whiskey A GoGo (which I’m guessing will be 21+). They will also be holding photo sessions and meet-and-greets. But to get to attend these events you have to be a member of the Angelo fan club, which you can apply for between  July 1st and 31st.

SIVA is making their return with two brand new singles and their second mini-album. August 20th, singles, demolish and libelalism will be released. These upcoming singles will be limited up to 3,000 copies. Death Education, the new album will be hitting streets on October 8th in two flavors. The CD+DVD edition will contain 5 tracks and the PV for libelalism, while the regular edition will carry a bonus track titled grief.

D has announced that they are postponing the release of their new single, Yami no kuni no Alice. As some of you may know, this song will be used for the theme of the game “Twilight Syndrome -kinjirareta toshi densetsu-“, which could in fact have something to do with the postponement.

12012 will be releasing their new single, 太陽 (Taiyou), or August 20. The new single will be available in three versions. The regular edition will feature the title track in addition to KALEIDOSCOPE as well as a live version of butterfly. Limited edition A will come with the previously mentioned tracks along with a DVD with the music video for Taiyou. Lastly, limited edition B will feature the bonus track, Hello, seventeen.

+D’espairs Ray+ announced recently that, 神風 (Kamikaze), their new single will be released on August 6th.



~ by reisuzaku on June 29, 2008.

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