Rui, yuki, and Reno’s blog entries

Bokura has translated the last three NoveLis Members blogs about the split. She has done a totally awesome job, and deserves cookies, cakes, and hugs!

You can find the earlier post, with Ko-ki and Sakura’s posts here.


To everyone who came to today’s live
Thank you!

The important announcement was that in September NoveLis will pause activities, and myself, Reino, yuky, and ko-ki have decided to leave the band.
…I think everyone has different opinions, but this is the solution that all of us members were able to come to after discussing it.

Personally, I’m not thinking about anything. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do.
However… I definitely am thinking that it’d be great to keep singing.
For now, that’s it.
and thank you to everyone!


It’s late, but thanks to everyone who came to yesterday’s live!

About the sudden, important announcement…

We could’ve announced it a little later, but no matter what we didn’t want to keep secrets from everyone.

I’m really sorry it came so suddenly.

This September, NoveLis is pausing activities and the four of us, Rui, yuky, Reino, and Ko-ki, are leaving the band.

Like what everyone else has said, the reason is because of differing opinions about the direction of the band.

There are probably a lot of people who are wondering “What’ll they do now?”

Well, everyone is staying positive about it, so I hope we’ll all find peace.

We’ve announced that we’re leaving the band, but the the five of us aren’t finished yet.

Until that time comes, the five of us are still NoveLis!

So, until the end, I hope that you all can look after us.

Until the end, I want to see your best smiling faces.

Because until the end, we will give you our best!

Until the end, together, let’s enjoy ourselves!


Well then. Let’s have a little conversation about NoveLis, the band itself and the band’s members.

I’m not a talented writer, but if you take the time to carefully read all of this for me, I bet you’ll enjoy it if even only a little.



Rui and I have been friends since forever ago, we were always together in middle school, come to think about it we’ve almost annoyingly seen each other’s face everyday. Yep, always together. We’re kind of like a pair of Japanese comedians, me being the idiot, Rui being the always laughing trickster. In the car too, he always drives, and I’m relaxing in the passenger seat (haha). If something happens, he calls or we chat about it, and he loves the band DEEN. His music skills are amazing, and his voice is beautiful… but sometimes he goes a little flat. He’s bad at doing MCs (Bokura note: when the band talks between songs during live shows) and he sucks at furitsuke (Bokura note: choreographed hand dances popular during Japanese, especially visual kei, concerts), but it’s this Rui who I believe is the best of vocalists! That was true up until now, and from here on out it won’t change. Absolutely won’t change. Honestly, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I am who I am today because of him.



At first glance, he seems completely and utterly unsociable and mean, but the truth is he is a total softy. When I was trying to act silly, he would laugh at my jokes, or we’d laugh together. When I was telling him a private story he’d laugh while at the same time listen intently, and we always play Winning Eleven (the soccer game video game) together. (Really, He can’t beat me but…) Other than that, he’s forced me come stay over his house, and we were able to drink and chat together. He acts uncooperative, like an Amanojaku (Bokura note: a kind of Japanese demon), malicious, and quick tempered, but if you look at who he really is, he’s more gentle, courteous, and methodical with everything than anyone else. We all thought that at lives he wouldn’t express who he truly was, but we were wrong. He was always making a great show in front of the audience. However, sometimes he missed a few notes. I think that he plays the bass wonderfully, but in truth, our sounds stabilized one another perfectly. He has an interesting jump. When he smiles he looks like an emoticon (Bokura note: i.e. ^_^ ) Thinking about it, he really is a big sweetheart.



This young master is really friendly and I’ll miss him, but he’s annoying … to describe him roughly. Whenever I wanted to act silly, he was right there with me. When we were backstage or on stage, or even at a restaurant, we always acted silly together. Really, nowadays I’m probably with him more than anyone else. He always came over to hang out, and we’d watch videos of our lives or play video games. More than any other drummer, he works his hardest, practicing with all of his might. As a matter of a fact, the first time I played with him I wondered if he was all right, but if you pay attention you can still tell he’s young and his sound is maturing. I think in a few years from now he’ll be amazing. When I think “When I was his age would I be able to do what he can?” the answer is no. He’s the hardest worker in NoveLis. I believe he’ll have a bright future.

and lastly

Like a cat, he’s kind of a loner, and I never know what he’s thinking, and he’s stubborn and won’t bend his opinion for anyone, but those who know him know he’s an amazing composer, I know if it was me that I couldn’t put together music that well … come to think about it, an easy way to describe him would be that of a “Shadow Leader”. As far as music goes, we would always get together at the studio and do jam sessions, and music really brings us together. He would always be willing to have a conversation with me about my favorite guitarists (Steve Vai, Gary Moore and other blues and hard rock artists) … yep, he’s a music nerd. His whole life is music. It’s his existence. Even now, he’s a bit of an enigma to me. I know he moved recently, but he’s the type that doesn’t say much about himself.

I think that the above 4 people are the ones who have changed my life the most.

Tough things, painful things, sad things, enjoyable things.

With all of them I have shared this experience, with them I have cried, sweat, laughed, acted serious, behaved as a complete idiot…
I wrote this in my previous blog, but I really love these guys.
This year I’ve walked through life with these guys, always with one of them.
Because of this we’re really like a family, kind of like siblings.
So, to all of the fans that have supported the five of us siblings.
I really love you!

To the fans who stared directly into my eyes at the lives.
To the fans who are a little more shy.
To the fans who listened closely to our music and shed tears.
When I did a stage dive, to the fans who caught me.
I’m sorry that you had to see my butt (haha)
To the fans who spoke to us in casually even though it was our first meeting.
To the people who nervously shook as they handed me a fan letter.

…and those that wouldn’t let go after a handshake (haha)

To those who think about us constantly.

To the fans who kept putting money in our drop box.

To the fans who had to take the last train because of us.
To the fans who waited in the cold.
To the fans in the rain who waited under umbrellas just for the chance to talk.
I really really love you guys. Really I love you.
I want you to be by our side forever. I want your support forever.
There are even those who don’t fit those profiles, who don’t even have our CDs.
However, I am truly grateful for everyone who knows even a little bit about NoveLis.

So, have we conveyed something to everyone?
Have we given them something?
Did we make them feel something?

I wonder.

So, Until the very end.





The 5 of us want to convey to you our feelings.

We want to transfer this feeling to the depths of your heart.
With all of our might, until the end, we will do this!

I know that’s cheesy and it sounds like something a father would say,
but it’s really how I feel.

Thanks for reading to the end.
Next is our in store event on the 21st right!
On that day I’m going to have an ad-libbing jam session with Sakura, so make sure you come!

Well then!


~ by Samehada on June 20, 2008.

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