GPKISM’s Official Street Team Page

On the night of June 19th, GPKISM has set up an official street team page. They made the street team because the demand of one was high from fans that want to promote their music. This street team is not difficult to get into, it has the similiar guidelines of BLOOD’s and Spectrum-X’s street teams. In case you do not know them, then here is what they posted on their bulletin:

Due to the popular demands of GPKISM and tremendous amount of fans who wish to promote our project, we decided to create a centralized official street team page for those who would like to contribute their effort to help promote GPKISM.

Please obey the following commandments, so shall we accept you to our paradise~ LOL.

1. Please add GPKISM official myspace song “Immaculatus” on your Myspace.

2.Please put GPKISM jpg banner on your website (

3. Please put GPKISM official MySpace on your top friend list.

4. Please put “GPKISM” on your profile as your favorite artist.

5. If your profile is set to private, please change your settings to accept messages from non-friends so we can contact you.


~ by yunaxdoll on June 20, 2008.

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