Possible S.K.I.N. II???

Toshi of X-Japan fame has announced a new side project in the works that consists of Jun and Touya. The article found on JaME is as such:

X JAPAN’s TOSHI has begun the formation of a new band, TOSHI with T-EARTH, featuring young visual kei musicians JUN (ex-Phantasmagoria) and Touya of Charlotte. Though few details have been confirmed regarding this new project, a tour has already been scheduled and will feature performances at the following locations in Japan:

8/12 – ZEPP Nagoya
8/14 – ZEPP Sapporo
8/16 – ZEPP Sendai
8/18 – ZEPP Osaka
8/19 – ZEPP Osaka
8/21 – ZEPP Fukuoka
9/03 – ZEPP Tokyo
9/04 – ZEPP Tokyo

Further details regarding this new venture will be posted as they are confirmed.

Needless to say peeps, I’m kinda curious to where this will go. Will it be a couple shows and then die like S.K.I.N. did with AX07? Or will Toshi and the boys find time for their next project? … The world, may never know… (ahh i miss those crappy Tootsie Roll pop commercials)


~ by reisuzaku on June 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Possible S.K.I.N. II???”

  1. I’m still holding on to hope that S.K.I.N. will have some news soon 😦

  2. ^ Me too. XDXD

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