Sakura and Ko-Ki’s blog entries translated

Bokura has translated Sakura and Ko-ki’s blogs concerning their recent announcement.


Thanks to everyone who came to our last live.

At the live, it was announced that in September Novelis will pause activities. In addition Rui, Reino, yuky, and Ko-ki will leave the band.

We formed last Februrary, so the five of us have been together for about a year and a half, and until September the five of us will continue our band activities together.

I’m really sorry to all of the fans who had to find out about it this way. However, this is the path that the five of us have chosen, so I’ll be grateful if you could warmly look over us. Soon enough, I will put a formal announcement about this up on our home page.


Thanks to everyone who came to our live today!

Today we had a serious announcement…

The announcement was that after our live in September, Rui, Reino, yuky, and myself have decided to leave the band.

In addition to that, after the live in September, NoveLis will pause activities.

The reason is that we all have discrepancies in where we should go from here. It’s not related to music, all of us love NoveLis’ music and we’re all close friends.

However, everyone’s opinion of what we should do from here on out is different.

We’ve had discussions about this over and over again.

However, the five of us could never agree on one concise opinion.

I don’t want to lie about it.

NoveLis is everyone’s first Visual Kei band, so we’ve all put our all into it up to this point.
Seriously, we started from 0.
So, we’ve always tried to work as one.
Making use of everyone’s individual personalities, we’ve been able to come this far.

NoveLis is a band that has always been a serious band, so we were able to continue. However to continue in our current status would be deceitful to all of our fans.

I think there are a lot of people who dislike me. I’m kind of a person who gets carried away easily, so really it can’t be helped. I think there are others who think I’m just a young wise-ass.
However, I love all of the fans who have supported me.
No, not just my fans, I love all of the people who have supported Novelis. Therefore, I’m always going to pour in 100% of my effort into this band.

It was heartbreaking seeing fans crying today. I tried to smile, but I felt so so bad, I couldn’t give a truthful smile.

I’m really sorry!

This is my first serious band.

So therefore, seeing fans cry so much on our behalf is a really serious thing.

Thanks for reading this lengthy message.

After this, what will I do? … That’s still not decided. I may not be in another band. I may go study overseas, but who knows I may continue with music. I have an abundance of things that I want to do and things that I must do.

I still don’t know anything. That’s why at our last live I want to enjoy myself with everyone!

We want to see fans who are in other areas as well, that’s why in September we’ve also decided to go to Osaka.

During this tour, I won’t be able to consider all of these adult decisions … I’m sorry …

After this, NoveLis won’t exist as the five of us. So, if you are able to, I would really like you to come see us.



~ by Samehada on June 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sakura and Ko-Ki’s blog entries translated”

  1. I really don’t know what to say. I have the ideal to hug them to tell them its okay, but at the same time I worry about Sakura.

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