Dir en grey


yep that’s right, the new single is coming out soon. Theres no track information as of yet, but it will be posted.



~ by reisuzaku on June 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “GLASS SKIN”

  1. these aren’t songs assisted by Yoshiki, is it? .. hmm… heard Yoshiki was helping with the next album or something like that….

  2. I’m sorry but no, Yoshiki is not assisting them with the new album as previously stated. 薫 and the boys announced in one of the latest interviews that, that was just a rumor going around.

    “Golden God nominees spill the beans on their new record

    J-Rock royalty Dir En Grey have released details about what to expect from their brand new album.

    Starting pre-production work on the record in mid-March, the band commenced recording their new album in the Sony Tokyo building studio’s recently. When they finish recording their first batch of tracks in the forthcoming weeks, the band will then return to pre-production to work on the remainder of their songs before completing work on the album in time for a late 2008 release.

    “The album will be stuffed with themes of ‘guilt and reincarnation’, as well as ‘the past, present and future of Dir En Grey,” says guitarist Kaoru. ‘This will be heavier and darker than previous albums, with a sort of oriental and religious mood and connotations. We’re experimenting with different sounds – we’d like to introduce a multitude of different instruments on this album.”

    Despite reports to the contrary, Dir En Grey have confirmed that X-Japan member Yoshiki will not be producing the album. Instead, the band will be self-producing.“

    I hope this helps you some. Sorry if you were hoping for them to be getting Yoshiki’s help.

  3. Yoshiki helped them a bit with Missa, but Dir en grey can more than do it on their own now.

    UROBOROS will be amazing regardless.

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