Diru – New Album news

Well, the boys have started recording their new album recently (title TBA). And they have started giving some information out about it.

Golden God nominees spill the beans on their new record

J-Rock royalty Dir En Grey have released details about what to expect from their brand new album.

Starting pre-production work on the record in mid-March, the band commenced recording their new album in the Sony Tokyo building studio’s recently. When they finish recording their first batch of tracks in the forthcoming weeks, the band will then return to pre-production to work on the remainder of their songs before completing work on the album in time for a late 2008 release.

“The album will be stuffed with themes of ‘guilt and reincarnation’, as well as ‘the past, present and future of Dir En Grey,” says guitarist Kaoru. ‘This will be heavier and darker than previous albums, with a sort of oriental and religious mood and connotations. We’re experimenting with different sounds – we’d like to introduce a multitude of different instruments on this album.”

Despite reports to the contrary, Dir En Grey have confirmed that X-Japan member Yoshiki will not be producing the album. Instead, the band will be self-producing.

Well with that being said, lets hope its not (in my opinion), a failure like M.O.A.B. was. I just wish they’d be reasonable and let Yoshiki help them produce a modern hard GAUZE.

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~ by reisuzaku on June 8, 2008.

9 Responses to “Diru – New Album news”

  1. I’m actually a fan of the more modern Diru sound, and I think MARROW was far from a failure. Dir en grey has always had roots in hardcore, even going back to Gauze you can hear it in “Schwien no Isu,” and “Tsumi to Batsu.” What MARROW did, was it helped show the world how amazing Kyo’s voice is, and how incredibly acute the rest of the band’s sense of music is.

    I don’t know what you liked about Diru, but it probably won’t make much of a surfacing until they’ve come full circle with their music. They’re currently expanding outwards. An example of this; I was at a Hot Topic store near my home, and suddenly they started playing “THE FINAL.” I nearly choked on my soda when it came on. This just goes to show how far a band has come, when they’re played in a pretty big chain of American stores.

    Modern Diru isn’t VK. They haven’t been since probably as far back as Kisou. If that’s what you’re looking for, I don’t think you’ll ever really love Dir en grey again. =/

  2. rob you are actually quite wrong on me not “loving” Diru.

    I don’t care if they’re VK or not. The music and vocals in GAUZE was amazing. Hell, Diru’s music and vocals have been amazing from MISSA – WtD. My problem with MOAB, is that there is hardly any melody. All Kyo does is scream (and thats not helping his already deteriorating voice). As far as the music itself in MOAB, there’s nothing really distinguishable about it, just noise mostly.

    Don’t think I haven’t noticed that they’ve gotten the music out there around the world. I just feel that they possibly need an outside opinion to steer them in better direction for themselves. Cause honestly I’ve heard FAR more complaints about MOAB then cheers.

  3. That’s why I said “if” about the VK part. I know alot of fans who enjoyed their early stuff only because of the way it was presented, and not for the music. Honestly, my favorite period for diru was Kisou/Vulgar. They mixed everything together well, and threw in enough to keep me hooked. MARROW showed up around the time I began expirementing with metalcore, hardcore, and the like so I was used to not having any melody on the surface.

    MARROW has the distinct flavor of Diru, mixed with what they had garnered from touring with Korn and other Americans. I like American music, so the change really wans’t too bad. I enjoy the MARROW stuff for it’s anger and power behind the music. Plus, Kyo’s ability to scream and contort his voice is truly impressive! I liked him before for the emotion he was able to convey to the listener, but with MARROW he took that above and beyond.

    I hoe you’ll one day be able to hear the beauty and thought behind some of the stuff on there, and be able to appreciate like you do their other stuff. 😀

  4. I agree with all of you on most parts of what you said it’s just that they have in all essence lost a lot of the core of the better stuff they did early on to a mash between that and American Nu Metal. This may be the last Diru Album I buy or listen to if they fail to blend to a better sound or abandon the attempt to broaden their musical horizons.

  5. It took me three days to get through Marrow. I found MAYBE one song that I actually found worth listening to. Marrow is American metal, or trying to sound like it. American metal is pretty much in the gutter, as its far worse, generally, than emo or “punk” music.

    As far as Kyo’s ability to contort or scream, anyone can do that, its just a method of drawing out the vocal and keeping it steady. His scream is getting a bit weaker, as are his antics. Needs more ‘bastard’ and ‘rape me’ buckets if not a vacation.

  6. There were maybe two songs on MOAB that I really enjoyed, and those were CONCEIVED SORROW, GRIEF, and Ryoujoku no Ame (ok I lied, 3). Both CONCEIVED SORROW and Ryoujoku no Ame have a beautiful melody, and I will agree, I truly miss the days of kisou and Gauze. I look back at my most played tracks and most of my Diru ones are from those two albums.

  7. Vulgar will always be, hands down, my favorite Dir en grey album…followed closely by Withering.

    I wanted to like MotB…I really did. I tried to like it. I even told myself I did like it. But then I realized that I was skipping more of the tracks when I listened to it, then actually stopping to listen…and I had to admit to myself that I didn’t like it as much as I told everyone I did.

    Dozing Green, despite the name, was a seriously awesome single. I have hopes for Glass Skin.

    But I have to admit, it breaks my heart to see the direction that they’ve been going in. NO ONE’S voice is meant for the abuse that Kyo gives his. Vocal cords can, in fact blow out. They can stop working. Have none of you noticed his in-ability to hold notes live?

    I listened to part of the hide memorial show performance, and was stunned. Kyo could hardly hold on to any of his lyrical notes for any length of time. Even his screams seemed a bit off.

    A band is very little without a vocalist to support it. And Dir without any of the 5 members, I don’t think, would be Dir any more.

    I think they need a vacation. They need to step back, and look at their music and the direction in which its going. They need to realize that they’re trying TOO hard to get away from VK…and in doing so, they’ve completely lost what they once had that made them Diru.

    Can they be diru without VK? Of course. Can they be diru without that signature sound that makes them…them? No, and that’s what they’re loosing.

    They don’t look happy. They don’t look like they take any joy in their music, or where it’s taken them. They look like a bunch of men who take the stage and perform because it’s required of them. I noticed that back last Feb. to an extent, and it’s only gotten worse.

    The world music scene needs more bands from Japan…we all know that. But it needs bands that actually show a good face for the country’s music. Not a band that looks so Americanized that no one realizes where they’re really from.

    …K I’m going to stop now.

    This has been sitting on my chest for months now…and I think it’s probably a good thing that I got it out now haha. Sorry for the rambling nature of this.

  8. I fully agree on M.O.A.B being a big fail. There were seriosuly, for me as well, two songs I could somewhat enjoy. Does anyone else think with all the banshi screaming, Kyo’s gonna kill his voice? D:

  9. Wow…So judgemental. Gotta say, I love Dir en grey from Missa to Marrow of a Bone. I do not in any way think they are becoming Americanized. I;m sure they have gotten influence from American bands as they did tour with them. But…no. They are just Dir en grey and I truly don’t understand all the hating on Marrwo of a Bone. I thought it was amazing and I hate American metal. It really was just Dir en grey. And why is no mentioning The Pledge? Everone keeps whining about all the screaming and how Kyo can’t hold a note, but you’r enot mentioning the song that I thought was very beautiful and it was MOAB. Really, I think Kyo’s getting more emotional and just saying ‘F-you’ to his haters. Which was what Cleaver Sleazoid was all about. I mean..did you people really listen to it? I’ll admit I didn’t like MOAB when I first heard it. It did throw me off, but then I listened to it more, read the lyrics and got it a bit more and it really is amazing.

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