GPK to Co-Host Tainted Reality

This Friday on June 6th Gothique Prince Ken will be co-hosting the Tainted Reality Talkshow. I, Yuna, was visiting the Tainted Reality website and this is what it had to say about news concerning this Friday’s talkshow. GPK fans should not miss this opportunity to listen to this rare moment. It will be pre-recorded, so I am certain that fans would not be able to contact them over the AOL instant messenger screen name.

To make up for the fact that Roger will still be in LA, Gothique Prince Ken of GPKism will be co-hosting a pre-recorded Talkshow with Roger that will air on June 6th. Join them as they discuss gothic music, it’s influence on visual kei, and how to have a little fun fooling around with the fanbase!

~ by yunaxdoll on June 1, 2008.

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