Yes guys, it’s 零 -Rei- again. And I come bearing more great news.

Versailles is releasing their first full length album, Noble, on 2008 07 09. “The new album includes a new take on break-through hit “The Revenant Choir,” limited edition single “A Noble was Born in Chaos,” and more for a full vampires’ chronicle.” Limited edition includes bonus DVD with music videos.

Please note that unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

Also the band SERIAL⇔NUMBER is releasing a new full length album, SERIAL NUMBER, on 2008 07 09. Nothing else is known about the album at the moment except that it will be produced by Takui Nakajima.

And finally, I wouldn’t count Kisaki (ex-Phantasmagoria) out of the music scene yet folks. It seems that Kisaki-sama has joined forces with new and upcoming band E’m -grief-. “Debut release, Eternal Melody,  featuring both production and complete bass playing from KISAKI of Under Code Production. This release is part of the band’s two-month consecutive band launch release campaign produced over a period of nearly 300 hours! Single includes vocal tracks and instrumentals for a total of 4 songs.” This release is set to hit streets on 2008 07 02.

Needless to say people, without a doubt it looks like July is going to be a busy month for everyone with all the new releases coming our way. I suggest we all start saving our pennies for what lays ahead. I can hardly wait from shear excitement.



~ by reisuzaku on May 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “MORE BAND NEWS”

  1. … I thought UNDERCODE went kaput due to owing taxes to the government? How’d Kisaki work that one out? o_O

  2. paid his taxes i guess

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