Updates on Previous Updates

So, I know I said a while ago that we would have reviews up. Well, it took me a bit longer to get them up than expected. I’m sorry for that! Anyways, they are up now! Media Reviews is where you can find the Anahiem, and Los Angeles reviews for Miyavi’s concerts that we all know were long awaited.

Also, Nightmare’s CD just came out, 5/21/08! So you best be getting your wallets prepared to buy that fabulous album. Speaking as someone who’s heard a few songs off it, it’s so far incredible. Definitely worth every penny! An unofficial Street Team has been created for them, as well. So if you find interest in that, you might want to go here.

Nightmare US Street Team – Home—> NaitoUSA Forum
MySpace.com – Nightmare US Street Team —>NaitoUSA MySpace
「NaitoUSA」 —> NaitoUSA LiveJournal

Anyways! That’s all I’ve got to share, hope you like it. (^_~)


~ by aisurus on May 25, 2008.

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