New Stuff, info, rewriting…

Hello everyone!
We have updated a couple things. For one, we’re going through the Aritst pages and updating them. Unfortunately, the only one’s that have been updated so far is Miyavi and the new addition of Teddy Loid. Soon, though, there will be MANY more updated, and rewritten. Just for you all to know about the great things the artist’s are doing now!

Also, since I brought up seeing Yoshiki at the Avalon a while back, I’ll post the picture here for you all to gawk over. Or just to look at. Enjoy~



~ by aisurus on May 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Stuff, info, rewriting…”

  1. yay for the back of Yoshiki’s head

  2. ^ What he said.

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