Flood of Rain — on hiatus

Gothique Prince Ken has left Flood of Rain due to time constraints with GPKISM. According to Kiwamu they[GPKISM] have recorded a new song which is over 6 minutes long, but Adrian has posted a bulletin disclosing everything, he is not bitter and wishes GPK luck in his pursuits.

Hello everybody,

Due to the time and dedication needed to nurture his other project, GPKism, GPK has decided to part ways with Flood of Rain.

We had spent over a year, making music together and creating music we felt was unique and inspiring. i would personally like to thank GPK for all of his hard work and amazing contribution to this project.

Sadly, without a vocalist, i have decided to put Flood of Rain on a temporary hiatus for now. we had many dreams we wished to share with all of you, but sometimes not all things go as planned.

For those of you who support GPK and his work, please give all of your love to GPKism, as now he can realize it’s full potential.

Thanks to all of you for being such wonderful and amazing fans and deepest apologies for the circumstances of this all. i truly had hoped that we could have released the album as soon as possible.

Deepest regards

Adrian (Flood of Rain)

Sad, I was really hoping to hear GPK’s vocals mixed with their work in “Dream Sleep”, but I wish the best regards to Adrian.


~ by Raelynn on May 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Flood of Rain — on hiatus”

  1. O_o why would anyone want to hear that fag’s voice in Dream Sleep? Dream Sleep wasn’t THEIR album, it was Adrian’s and Adrian’s only.
    this project was Adrian’s anyway, I dont know why people seem to think it’s Ken’s.
    and FoR isnt on hiatus anymore. the name just isn’t coming back.

  2. yeah…right…have you listened to GPKISM? Psh! Fag…? You would like that wouldn’t you?

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