D’espairsRay on HearJapan!

Quoted from my email:

On May 14th at MIDNIGHT Japanese Standard Time, a quick download from HearJapan.com and the two new D’espairs Ray tracks “brilliant” and “cocoon” will be YOURS in a matter of seconds. No importing fees, weeks of waiting, nor scouring the internet for sub-par uploads! For only about 4 dollars you can show your support for the band and be the first of yours friends to enjoy the brand new single! Preorder now at a 10% discount, exclusively on HearJapan.com!…always high quality, always DRM free… HearJapan IS J-music Mp3.

More than a year of silence by Japan’s D’espairsRay has made the anticipation for their new release deafening. This is truly an exciting day not only for us at HearJapan but for D’espairsRay fans all over the world. We are proud to announce that the new D’espairsRay single “Brilliant” will be released worldwide exclusively through HearJapan!

The title track’s name, “Brilliant”, truly says it all. It is both heavy yet delicate, in-your-face yet intriguing layered, and catchy to boot! “Cocoon”, the aptly named companion track to “Brilliant”, is a decidedly darker song, showcasing lead singer Hizumi’s beautiful voice in a mix of English and Japanese lyrics.

Included as a special bonus to those who purchase the complete single is an approved translation of Hizumi’s magnificent and poetic lyrics–make Hizumi proud and understand his every nuanced word! Ordering the album is simple and simply the most direct way to show support for one of our favorite bands. In fact, with every album sold, the band receives their proper royalties and the label is notified of the location of the purchaser to aid in future tour planning purposes!

Go from Jrocknyc wrote a blog about his experience buying from HearJapan and it’s totally positive! Not only do you get really high quality .mp3’s you also get lyrics and images of the band! Go check it out! (click on one of the images to be taken to the site)


~ by Samehada on May 13, 2008.

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