*NEW* ROCKSTAR Taste of Chaos Tour Website

Jrock Revolution has launched their ROCKSTAR Taste of Chaos Tour Feedback website. From the email:

^ Clickie-click

They came, you saw, Jrock conquered.

Jrock ambassadors D’espairsRay, MUCC, and the Underneath took the Revolution nationwide on the U.S. wing of the ROCKSTAR Taste of Chaos Tour. And YOU, the Jrock community, poured into over thirty venues to see them.


You’re fans with demands, and this movement is in your hands.


Tell us what you loved and what you didn’t. Mark yourself on the worldwide JRR map to show us where Jrock fans are. Check out a whole gallery of photos fresh from the tour. And take our in-depth survey to let the movers and shakers know what YOU want.

Who’s listening?

RTOC. The new JSHOCK label. Jrock Revolution. The artists.

Everyone wants to hear from you. Strengthen our union of artists, fans, and the industry that brings you together. Don’t miss this chance to make an impact. And pass it on.


With RTOC under their belt, D’espairsRay and the Underneath returned home to perform early this month at one of Japan’s most anticipated and most massive rock festivals to date, the HIDE Memorial Summit. They joined such star groups as Dir en Grey, LUNA SEA, and of course, X JAPAN, in honoring the memory of a true rock legend.

To watch the latest music videos from THE UNDERNEATH and D’ESPAIRSRAY access the J Shock e-card at www.uandrtech.com/Jrock_eCards/Jshock_eCard.

THE UNDERNEATH’S latest release Moon Flower and D’ESPAIRSRAY’S Mirror are in U.S. retail stores now via JShock Records.

For more information on each band see www.myspace.com/despairsray and www.myspace.com/theunderneathjapan.


~ by Raelynn on May 11, 2008.

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