“VAMPS” to replace the acronym “omg” in casual blogging

VAMPS manager J posted a new blog entry today. During the hide memorial summit, K.A.Z. of Oblivion Dust fractured his foot, thus testing out VAMPS’ health insurance. Because of his injury that took place during the last song while “saving a baby seal from being trampled on stage”. You can send your love to K.A.Z.(or HYDE), but it is preferable to leave a comment on the front myspace page rather than in a message, so says J. ( J says a lot of stuff today)

As a request, also from J (I told you) to spread the word about VAMPS:

Also, I would like to remind everyone that it is my job to find and strengthen the international fan base for VAMPS (HYDE and K.A.Z.). It would be great if you all could help. For one thing, would you mind writing your city and country after you leave a comment? It would be great if HYDE and K.A.Z, as well as the other fans out there, can see where everyone is from. Hopefully you can start communities in your area with other VAMPS fans (my dream)!? Also, please make sure your friends know about us, everyone subscribes to this blog (only if wanted), and you all start using the word “VAMPS” instead of the acronym “omg” in casual blogging. For example, “VAMPS”, another long email.

You heard the man! “VAMPS” to replace the acronym “omg” in casual blogging! xD You can read more on the new blog here and leave a comment on their official myspace.


~ by Raelynn on May 7, 2008.

3 Responses to ““VAMPS” to replace the acronym “omg” in casual blogging”

  1. HOLY VAMPS, what acronym shall I use for HOMG?


  3. […] had surgery on the foot he broke during the hide memorial summit. There is a 20 questions survey attached to their update, please do it so we can get some VAMPS in […]

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