hide Contest

I saw this post on the XJapan community for live journal and though I should all let you know about this. The admin of http://www.x-japan.de/ is holding a contest about hide Matsumoto.

This year it is 10 years since hide passed away. In Japan there is a big memorial concert. I also want to do something special to show that hide is not forgotten and I want you all to be part of it.
So show the world how hide influenced and inspired you. You can send us everything, pictures, drawings, songs, essays about how you are influenced… anything you want and not only fanart. If you started to play in a band because of hide, send a foto of the band or write a story about it.
All entries are published on XJapan.de. There will be some small hide/x japan related giveaways ^_^. Since it will be impossible to judge the winners are drawn randomly.

You can send your entries to scars[@]xjapan.de
end date is Sunday, May 10th 2008.

~ by Raelynn on May 5, 2008.

One Response to “hide Contest”

  1. he’s fuckin great..
    respect for him..
    i have no words anymore..
    he’s just fantastic.. incredible..
    God.. keep him on your side..

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