[The Reaper Behind Me] Now on Sale!

THE REAPER BEHIND ME is now on Sale at CDBaby($29.97), CDJapan($31.54), Tainted Reality Store($30.00) and Apple Itunes Music Store($9.99).

A full album accompanying the new concept “Symphony of Chaos,” which began in 2007, finally makes its appearance. As the first album since their musical transition to a gothic/industrial style, it will be released as a 2-disc set with disc 1 being the full album and disc 2 containing remixes created with foreign clubs in mind. Participating as guest vocalists are Exo-Chika of Aural Vampire on a re-recording of the 1st period track, “BLOOD,” and Austrian singer Emily Rose on “FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD.” The jacket image was shot in Los Angeles and features model Jade Starr. Remixes have been contributed by BLOOD’s label-mates Virgins O.R. Pigeons (Greece), GPK (Australia), Spectrum-X (Italy); foreign artists BLUE BIRDS REFUSE TO FLY (Greece), The Last Dance (USA), In-Tranzit (Australia), siva six (Greece); and Japanese artists Anny-K (Camino), calmando qual, and DJ dora.

~ by Raelynn on May 4, 2008.

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