(PV) GEKKOH review

Hey guys, today I’m reviewing THE UNDERNEATH’s promotional video for their song “Gekkoh.” Its an amazing song, and the way the band worked the PV is great. Lots of great close ups of the members faces (exp. the vocalists). The guys have been staying busy ever since “ROCKSTAR’s TASTE of CHAOS” tour had ended. As an added bonus for them, they have their first album as “The Underneath” “MOONFLOWER” selling nation wide in America. So major koodos to them. So I hope you guys enjoy the video and enjoy watching the boys shake their hips.

Though is it just me or does the bassist’s bass look similar to Toshiya’s?

Review originally done by Rei.

~ by jrockadmin on May 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “(PV) GEKKOH review”

  1. Taka and the others look great. The bass looks very smiliar to the one Toshiya used in “the Final”.

  2. On the side note, maybe its just me, but does Taka look a bit healthier from the videos with Transic Nerve? He was like uber skinny in those videos.

  3. just a lil healthier id say

  4. He looks a lot better now than the Transic Nerve era. He’s not like this uber skinny pole where you could probably (at that time) break him into more than two pieces.

  5. Love this song ahahaha the vocalist is hot thats all I was thinking while watching this pv

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