Profiles/Ex-Fatima members back

This WOULD technically be old news, seeing as Obscure apparently formed in April of 2007, but Cake (formerly Lay, on bass) and Zizi Makia (formerly 4ge, on guitar), two old members of Fatima (disbanded 2005), added a female vocalist who also plays guitar to the mix, nobara, an art college student who was selected from over 100 candidates. The exact time of this addition is hard to judge, as they already have music samples on their myspace, but their OHP is now up and they have begun popping up in the last 3 days as recent news, so I assume they have just officially started activities. The OHP has information in English, as does their myspace. I will have a profile for them as soon as I comb the web for more info, but if you’re expecting visual kei, guess again. It’s nu-gaze. That’s right, barely audible vocals enmeshed within the sound of dreamy, warped guitars, and lives in which you look down and play as if you are gazing at your shoes. Even their new imagery is surreal, a combination of Alice in Wonderland-type photoshoots and graphics that look like a mish-mash of old props from a Barnum and Bailey circus show. Hopefully their future performances will have more energy than traditional shoegaze, or at least some Fatima-esque fanservice.

If you were looking for more vk type projects from ex-Fatima members, you should take a look at Moran, which also started activities recently (they had lives at Takadanobaba AREA at the end of April). Their current lineup is Hitomi (vocals, formerly Kanoma, ex-Fatima), Velo (guitar, ex-はいカラ/Hai Kara), Zill (bass, ex-KuRt), and Soan (drums, ex-Fatima). Check out their OHP. 

Also, we are updating our band profiles again. Right now, that mostly consists of adding music release dates, fixing typos, and adding the more important band info (except for ClearVeil. The lineup is now accurate, with some slight info on the band, including translated self-descriptions and releases). If you see anything that needs updating, please leave a comment in this post or on the artist’s profile page. Also comment if you would like to see a new profile for a band.




~ by rina on May 3, 2008.

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