Hide memorial (JaME)

JaME is collecting comments from jrock artists about hide over the next few days. Here are some samples:

Takuma from Billy: Your existence has left behind an eternal charisma!

Tsubuku from Billy: I started a band because I met you. Thank you very much.

Ruiza from D:
hide really established himself as a guitarist, a musician and an artist, and still influences many even now. I too, like many others, have been influenced and stimulated by him in various ways since I started music. I think he changed the music scene with his songs, which always precede the age and never fade, even when we listen to them now.
I’m happy to be able to feel such songs made by hide.
I pray for the soul of hide from my heart.

Ten years have passed.
We’re sure that what hide left for us has been taken over by other bands.
His influence is so great that we cannot help wishing that he were still alive to take and lead the scene overseas, to the rest of the world.
It would have been great to meet you even if it was only once.
We think many bands that have been influenced by hide will continue to appear from now on. Please keep watching those who come after you, like us, warmly from the sky.

;_; I am looking forward to reading more comments on hide from such great bands as JaME provides them, even though they make me sad. See the rest of the comments from 9GOATS BLACK OUT, the other members of Billy, DaizyStripper, Deathgaze, and Duel Jewel here and watch out for more to come.

Part two is now up, featuring GaGaalinG, Galneryus, Hagakure, heidi., and lynch..

Post was originally done by Rina.

~ by jrockadmin on May 2, 2008.

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