hide Matsumoto, 10 years ago…

hide — Dice

hide — good-bye

hide with Spread Beaver — Pink Spider

hide with Spread Beaver — Eyes Love You

X Japan — I.V.

Its been 10 long years since May 2nd, 1998. Some say it was suicide, others say it was an accident. Whatever the case, he is still missed to this day. Rather people to cry, which I know we do a lot of when the mentioning or seeing of hide is done, but instead I think we should look back on the memories of hide with all his performances and at a time when he was smiling to do the same; smile. For the honor of doing so in the same respect, light a candle tonight.

Hide left a hole with his passing that can never be filled…but he also left behind a powerful legacy. He remains, to this day, an inspiration and a muse for those who were left behind. His words, his music, his attitude…these are all things that he left for others to cherish…tools that he left for others to build their own works of art. His music is timeless, and his fans…new and old…those who knew him when he still lived and those who found him after he died, have that piece of him to hold on to. We will never forget hide, he will live on through his music forever.

While the anniversary of hide’s death always brings about tears, the amount of influence he has on the jrock/visual kei scene is incredible. Who else do you know that was a major influence in the creation of an entire new genre of music/style? Who do you know who deserves a memorial more than he does? This is the man that could give a young girl with a rare disease that under 20 people have had the courage to get a bone marrow transplant–and today she lives on. So on this special anniversary, take the time to remember him as you listen to any jrock you happen to have, not just hide with Spread Beaver or X Japan. All our thoughts will reach out to him and show him how much of an effect he has on the world 10 years later, and I am so glad that there is a Memorial Summit for this occasion. It is only a slice of the bands he has touched. And out of all the people that will be there, it is only a small portion of the hearts he has touched. Never Forget. Rest in peace, hide. 成仏

10 years ago, one of the most influential people to walk on to the musical scene passed away. And for all of us who have been touched by his presence, his music, his emotion, his legacy, this is a sad day for us all. He helped give birth to not only a genre of music or a genre of style. But he helped give birth to a way of life that can mean so many things to everyone. Hide wasn’t just “X-Japan” or “hide with Spread Beaver” but hide was music, he was style, he was visual kei. And today you should light a candle in his memory. And enjoy the legacy he helped leave behind. As our prayers and thoughts reach out to him, smile as he had. I know that as I listen to my J-Rock and play my guitar, that hide will be watching, listening, and playing along with a smile on his face. 松本 秀人, 平和で休むように。

It seems like just yesterday, someone so very close to us left with such an abrupt parting. Although, 10 years have passed from when the devastation occurred. A great musician, man, and guitarist took his leave from us. Such a sad moment this anniversary brings us, yet we should smile for the time he was here with us and remember the good that came out of it. Being sad is not an option, because we must remember the love and pleasantness he offered during his life. Though, he may be gone physically, his memory within all of us will forever be remembered. He will never be forgotten.


~ by Raelynn on May 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “hide Matsumoto, 10 years ago…”

  1. hide, you are truly missed. ;_; may peace be with you

  2. -sigh- It’s amazing how quickly this unwanted day has come. (ToT)

  3. i started listen jrock in 1998, the dimension of his death that time didnt understand. of course my first jrock band was X. i was transported to the jrock world and my fanatism for these kind of bands continue to this days. hes the one to blame, je.
    i dont know if i could listen his music these days. is very sad but i want to remember posting these simply words.
    arigatou hideeeeee!!!!! the rock never dies.
    franco from argentina to all the fans of jrock

  4. hide..ur always in our heart..R.I.P

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