Gackt to star in American movie

Apparently there isn’t enough work for him to be doing, so he does more!! I saw an entry on Jrockhumor community at live journal. The picture goes to show you how short he is.

(picture credited to ginghamcherry @ jrockhumor posting)

Anyways I didn’t quiet believe it, sorry JH, so I looked into it. It is in fact real.. The movie will be directed by Guy Moshe and Gackt plays a samurai named Yoshi tagging along with Josh Hartnett’s character whose seeking revenge. According to the The Internet Movie Database and Tokyo Graph the film is named Bunraku and will come out sometime in 2009 in the United States, but no Japan dates have been released at this time.

Sounds cliche, but maybe it’ll bring in some money, who knows and Gackt is a midget.

~ by Raelynn on April 23, 2008.

23 Responses to “Gackt to star in American movie”

  1. Awesome! Hahaha…

    I wonder if Gackt will be speaking English, Japanese, or both..

  2. I would guess English since its an American film, but you never know.

  3. By the same token, though, so was The Last Samurai, and it was subtitled quite a bit (as I recall…it’s been a while since I’ve seen it though)

  4. I never saw it, so I can’t help you there.

  5. Gackt+Hollywood= 100000 Gackt fans who will go to see this movie

  6. the thing is, gackt’s pretty tall for an asian guy…..unless he’s been lying about his height XD

  7. Well he lies about his age, so its just one more thing to lie about for 1337 points. XD

  8. well.. josh hartnette is about 6’3″ (~1.9m)and Gackt is about 5’11” (~1.8m). so i don’t think Gackt is short. Just that Josh is tall. and I don’t know about y’all but to me neither of them are anywhere near being midgets! (i know because i m one! lol..)

  9. That picture looks like there is a lot more than a 4 inch difference in their height o.o;;

  10. really? o.o
    maybe i am wrong but it looks about right to me thou. cos if someone is about 10cm/ 4″ taller than me, i will reach around the upper tip of that person’s ear.. XD

  11. Gackt is not a midget! Gackt is 1,80 m tall, but Josh is way too tall – ge’s over 1,90 m… just for the record

  12. Calm down. The midget part ts a joke.

  13. I’m excited for this movie to come out.

  14. all i have to say is mmmmmm…..and i will be there opening show! YEAH!

  15. hi, I saw them because I work very close to the apartments where they stay while shouting :), Josh is really tall and very handsome. The gypsy clothes suits him very very well :)).This morning I saw Demi Moore she looks amazing also. They are all very nice people (including Woody) you can talk to them, they don’t mind.

  16. Dx
    gackt does look short compared to josh, though. but he’s still a sexy beast. >:D

  17. Josh Harnett is amazingly tall though

  18. i’ll be waitin’!!

  19. OMG!!! I’ll definately be seeing that movie when it comes out! Gackt looks so short compared to the other guy.

  20. Gackt is definitely a sexy beast! ARRRRRRG!
    Dear Lord
    Please make the movie release as soon as possible!

  21. Gackt just looks short compared to josh lol
    gackt really is tall

  22. Josh Harnett is 192cm and gackt is 180cm…goes the same with me and my friend, i’m 180cm my friend is 193..and i look like a midget with him lol

  23. Gackt is overrated and Dir En Gray is the best J-rock band IMHO. Jrock guitarists have the coolest guitars too

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