Band Discovery: quaff

Tonight(today actually since its about 4 in the morning) I decided to open the 3rd issue of Five-For Magazine that I ordered and actually read some more of the articles other than the 54 facts with BLOOD. I came across this interview and concert review for a band I’ve never heard of seen before. The band is called quaff. Its a six person band that has a unique mixture of rock, metal, some traditional Asian sounds and rap.

From left to right is: TAKUchan, Sng, TAKUMA, Koboucchi, Hara Seiya and Hal

quaff has been around since their conception in 2001 and has released several mini albums. Unlike most bands, quaff has a twin-vocal style with Kubocchi rapping and Hara Seiya on vocals. Their newest mini is titled 『THE EXPLOSION』, it is a small five-track. You can give a listen to each track as well as a link to buy the mini album on their OHP under discography. Another oddity of originality to this band is they model their own clothing. You’ll see what I’m talking about in their “goods” section.

You can also check out the member’s individual artist blogs as well as their myspace. Currently they are touring Japan with a show at 四谷OUTBREAK on the 29th of April, a full list is on their myspace.

Below is a video I decided to check out of quaff’s its from their newest mini album. Enjoy. 🙂


~ by Raelynn on April 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Band Discovery: quaff”

  1. I’m not too big into the rap rock thing, but I think it’s really cool how their singer integrates traditional Japanese styles of singing into his rock style singing. Pretty neat!

  2. I’ve gotten used to the rap-rock idealism for quaff, the video is a bit addicting if you haven’t slept in a while.

  3. Hmm, you have the wrong names for the band members in that photo…

  4. From left to right: Guitar-Makito,Bass&Flute-Shingo[SNG],Drums-Hal,Vocals-UKISEMI,Vocals-Seiya,and Guitar-Takuma

    They look so different there, I could barely recognize them O_O
    they are indeed purely awesomeness!

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