One Year Tomorrow!!

Happy early birthday to usssss

Happy early birthday to ussss

Happy early birthday dear Jrock & the Visual Kei 2.0….

Happy early birthday to usssss!!!!!


^ Sammeh is laaame.

Tomorrow makes one year since we’ve started!! And to mark the special occasion, Rae and I have made some audio clips for your listening pleasure. Be warned, though…that I was in a really random mood when I recorded mine… (I was high on caffeine actually) and eventually decided not to edit anything out…so there are some really random moments… I had to do mine over 3 times cause I said the “F-word” when I forgot what I was doing xD…

But, without further adu, on with the show!

From Rae:

Music: Beautiful Day–U2
Yes… I’m fail.. I’ve used non Japanese music not related to a label here.. *sigh*
Whatever, I’m cute, it makes up for it. xD

From Samehada:

Music: Day 3–she


~ by Samehada on April 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “One Year Tomorrow!!”

  1. W00t! We are lame XD

  2. yay!!! can’t wait!!!!!!!!! *eats cookie*

  3. .. You has a cookie…?

    . . . . .

    Jackie share prz.

  4. birthday on 4/20 leads to good things

  5. aww it is sooo cute to hear you two talking. You both are the uber epic win!

  6. XDD Hank you’re nuts.

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