Interview with NoveLis

NoveLis is (from L to R): Rui, Yuki (in the back), Ko-ki, Reno, and Sakura
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NoveLis is a relatively new band, having just began activities in Feb. 2007. In just over a year they’ve had a series of secret lives, released 3 singles, had their first one man, and they’ll be releasing their first album in May!

Thanks to our awesome translator, Bokura, we managed to get an email interview set up with the band. Click on Read more to see what they had to say on their first album, overseas fans and more!

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us! To start, please introduce yourselves.

Rui: I’m vocalist Rui.

Reno: I’m Reno, in charge of the guitar.

yuky: I’m bass player Yuky.

Ko-ki: I’m Performance Drummer Ko-Ki (laughter).

Sakura: I’m Sakura, in charge of keyboard & programming.

Well, let’s start from the formation of NoveLis. When was the first time that you met one another?

Rui: Hmmm, when was it again? It’s different for all of us, but the first time the five of us all got together was February of 2007 I think.

Reno: It was last February. Basically about a year ago all of the members got together, but Rui and I have been together since middle school (laughter).

yuky: The five of us got together last year I think.

Ko-ki: I was abruptly invited by guitarist Reno in the street (laughter).

Where or who did the name NoveLis come from? Does it have a meaning?

Rui: The meaning is . . . (laughter)

Reno: We abbreviated it from the word “Novelist”.

yuky: Well, you should understand from the other members’ answers (laughter).

Ko-ki: To put it simply, we took it from the word “Novelist”. This is because like novelists we’d like to create stories.

On May 14th, NoveLis’ first album will be released, so please tell us about it. What feelings did you have while making this album?

Rui: For me, it is my first album so I’m looking forward to it.

Reno: That’s right, isn’t it.

Will this album have some sort of a theme?

Reno: The album is like a collection of tales (『リヴァイア国物語』 or “Rivian tale” is the name of the album), so I think you’ll understand if you read the lyrics, but we created the album with the hope that we would be able to create enjoyable live shows that are like no one else’s.

yuky: Just to go for it!

Ko-ki: We were able to create the album as if it were one complete tale. We were able to include our sentiments and emotions.

Sakura: This time around, the singles that we’ve released have been remixed, so the impression of those songs is completely different than the originals. There are also many new songs included, so if everyone enjoys those songs too it’ll make me very happy.

Why did you create a myspace page? Is it that you wanted to spread your music overseas as well?

Sakura: I chose myspace because it is an easy to understand tool that can be used to spread our music throughout the world. From now on I think I will upload songs from the album, unpublished songs, and things like that.

Were you surprised to find out that you have overseas fans?

Rui: I was really surprised! I want to go overseas~

Reno: Frankly, I’m surprised. Since we have lots of overseas fans, I think it’s necessary for me to study English every day. However, I’m always really thankful every time I get fan-mail from the overseas fans. Someday, I want to do a live show in another country.

yuky: I’m surprised. I’m really happy!

Ko-ki: I’m really surprised and I’m really happy. I really love foreign countries, so I’m excited when others respect our culture too. At the same time, I’m really sorry we can’t do a live show overseas right now.

Sakura: On myspace we get supportive messages from overseas fans every day, so that makes me really happy.

These days in Japan there are a countless number of Visual Kei bands, so compared to other bands, what do you think NoveLis’ differences or strong points are?

Rui: Well, I think our musical style is completely different than others. As far as our strong point . . . what would it be? (laughter)

Reno: I think the fact that we have a keyboardist and the pace of our live shows is a little different than other bands. Other than that, not to be too self-centered, but other bands don’t have my guitar playing style.

yuky: Don’t you think it’d be the fact that we have a keyboardist? Other than that, I don’t think it’s only us, but we all have a good, close relationship.

Ko-ki: First, it would be our attitude towards music. We don’t just want to make music that will make a lot of money.

Sakura: I think it’d be our inclusion of the element of fantasy.

This February, you all had your first “one man” live show. How was it?

Rui: It was our first one man live, but it was really enjoyable! I absolutely want to do it again☆

Reno: I was beyond happy. Honestly, it was the most happy I’d ever been in my entire life up until that point. It was really exciting.

yuky: It was the best, a night I will never forget.

Ko-ki: I really enjoyed it. Meguro’s Rock Maykan (鹿鳴館 (roku-mei-kan) the famous livehouse where they had their first live) is a place where a lot of artists that I admire have played in the past, so I was happy. I was moved by the fact that there were also many foreigners that came to the show.

Sakura: I think it was a live that represented our next step.

At least one NoveLis member (Ko-Ki) is still a student, right? How do you balance both being in a band and being a student? Do you ever have free time?

Ko-ki: I’m super busy. It’s really hard not to have any free time, but I’m doing well. Yet, I can still do better! ! Right now I’m also studying English and learning to become a DJ.

This question is for everyone. Do you have anything that you’re really into nowadays?

Rui: Something that I’m into . . . why is it that the Rocky movie resounded in my heart this much?

Reno: Lately I’ve been really into jazz, funk, blues, and things like that. Even though that’s not really a recent thing (laughter). I’ve really loved blues music since forever ago. However, recently that kind of music is really the only thing I’ve been listening to. When we’re touring and stuff that’s always what I’m listening to.

yuky: I don’t have anything I’m “really” into (laughter). Things that you’re into are like, well, everyone has their own style, ya know.

Ko-ki: Foreign Culture! !

Sakura: Free Tibet.

Who are your favorite artists?

Rui: Basically, I like J-Pop!

Reno: Steve Vai, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, George Winston, Sting, Dream Theater, Al Di Meola. In Japan it would be DEEN.

yuky: It’s a secret (laughter).

Ko-ki: I want to go on with the wish of never letting HIDE’s intention be forgotten.

Sakura: Overseas it’d be Pink Floyd、Emerson Lake&Palmer, Evanescence, The Music, Johannes Brahms. In Japan it’d be BOOM BOOM SATELLITES.

This is a rather silly question, but if you were a female would you date yourself? Why or why not?

Rui: I’d definitely date myself (laughter). I’m the type who if I have a girlfriend, I really care for her.

Reno: I play guitar 24 hours a day and wouldn’t give time to a partner, so I wouldn’t date myself (laughter). I’d date a person who cares a little more (laughter).

yuky: I wouldn’t date myself (laughter). There are various reasons why I wouldn’t (laughter).

Well lastly, please leave a message for your fans overseas.

Rui: We’re gonna go for it! Please keep supporting us! !

Reno: After this, please continue your support!

yuky: I’m really honored to receive love from people across the globe. Thank you so much! I will be grateful if you can look over me forever.

Ko-ki: Thank you so much for supporting us all the way from across seas. I’m truly happy. Someday, we’ll definitely do a live show overseas. So, I hope that you all will never forget us and continue your support.

Sakura: From here on out please continue your support, and come play on our myspace once in a while☆

A special thanks to NoveLis’ Sakura for making this interview possible!

-translator Bokura

© 2008


~ by Raelynn on April 19, 2008.

10 Responses to “Interview with NoveLis”

  1. Hooray!
    I love that interview. It’s so cool to know that they are trying to be more popular with their foreign/overseas people. Eeek, I love it. xD
    Thank you. xD

  2. You have no idea the reaction of staff when I got that email. I was like =O for a few minutes. XDD

  3. That is so amazing!! I’ve loved following NoveLis for a few months now. I am so happy for all this success coming to them.

  4. NoveLis is an amazing band, we truly enjoyed going through our translator for this interview. All except that April Fool’s day prank… >> Ko-ki… >>

  5. NoveLis = TOTAL EPIC WIN!

    Ko-Ki is such a cute lil dork

  6. Wow, congrats on getting this interview! You’ve all come so far since you changed your way of doing things a year ago. I remember feeling uncertain about if you would be able to keep people’s interest, but ya, you’ve all done an outstanding job.

    I’ve yet to listen to NoveLis, but from this interview, it sounds like I’d really love them. I’m gonna check out their myspace right now.

    Thank you for doing this interview!

    And thank you NoveLis!

  7. Check out the song Venom, it should be there. And thank you. Its come a long way from its little beginnings.

  8. eeeeeee!!!!! thanks for getting this interview with them :D!

  9. So weird thinking I’ve been listening to them for 6-8 months now…And finally you get to interview them, so lucky. ❤
    NoveLis really are great. ;___;<3

  10. Damned sakura!! Did he ever think about the feelings of their fans from China?

    I dont like sakura at the first glimpse!

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