Recently I received Five-For Magazine that I had ordered some days before. On the back there was this person in black and red clothing with bright red hair laying on what looks to be cherry blossoms. There was a website and myspace so I checked them out.

Sabrina is a j-pop artist that was once apart of the duo Halogen. She has a OHP, myspace, live journal, JV profile and has already released several singles. Born in the United States, she eventually moved to Japan where she currently lives and works as a musician. She loves Gackt, might explain why I don’t like it. ( I kid, I kid lol)

Granted, I’m not a Jpop fan, but she does have two songs I like. It is called BB and Good Morning Sun. I need slow songs in my life, it always can’t be heavy metal. XDD Anyways! You can get 4 free songs on her OHP under “demos”. Here’s a clip of them.

The Music of the Night duet with Michael Crawford


Good Morning Sun



~ by Raelynn on April 18, 2008.

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