Spectrum-X — Darkest Night Ever CD Review

I have been awaiting this album since I was able to get a hold of Tea Party with Zombies. Its refreshing ^^ This 14 track album came out 4/2. You can get the album on iTunes for $9.99 and at CD Baby for $14.00
Review done by DespairsRae.

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  1. Darkest Night Ever
    This is the first song of the album, as I have noticed with all CDs for the Darkest Labyrinth label, they start with an instrumental intro. However, unlike V.O.P or GPKISM, there is slight vocals in it. Around 1 minute or so Nullifer begins to set up the album. “I tell you a story about…” Its heavily distorted vocals, but there is vocals.
  2. Unsane
    Ooh, promising already. This song starts off very nice as a follow up from the intro. “Why do they point? Why do they laugh?” Its song about why people do the things they do, so far I like the album. Usually the first couple of songs tell you if you like the album or not. I want more!
  3. Trick or Treat (We’re coming to get you)
    Rae likes creepy song ^^. Its just that, menacingly laughter and Candy’s “la la la la” vocals mixed with Nullifers carefully drawn out vocals, following shortly after with a whisper-like scream. Makes me wish Halloween was here. “…Trick or treat We’re coming to your town…” Yes, please do come to my town!
  4. Tragic Toll
    Did I mention how much I love this album? XD I really do like it. The beat picks up only a little, but it doesn’t stop. Growls and howls with Candybones mixed in. When your working on multiple things at once, its oddly calming and keeps you in tune with what you are doing.
  5. Gnomes Bones
    Faster paced now, something like a club music, I wouldn’t say typical dance music but its getting there. Just remember that the Gnomes are coming and they want your heart. So get your anti-Gnome defenses ready. Kinda of creepy when you think about those little buggers sitting oh so innocently on your lawn.
  6. Aloisa (Slumber of Death)
    The duo of Candybones and Nullifer works out very nicely, not just on this CD, but the all the others they have released as well. Aloisa does not disappoint at all. Someones got a story to tell, would you like to listen to it?
  7. Passage into the Future
    Instrumental interlude. It starts off like the sound of a TV cutting out with those Cathedral chimes with a violin/cello mix then gently recedes into a constant beat with technological clicks and streams. Half way though the album I’m saying this now: GET IT!!
  8. ElectroZombie
    Wow, wasn’t expecting the overtly keyboards. The vocals seem a bit in and out with the background music in the beginning and the chorus repeats “Chaos.. electro zombie”. Maybe not a favorite song, it has potential.
  9. Can’t Return Home
    For once Nulllifer doesn’t start off the song, instead Candybones starts this one. “I’ve lost my way…” and then cue Nullifer with “.. to my home…” Don’t pray for them, got that? Not really a song I would call a favorite at this moment.
  10. Holograms of Sorrow
    Not exactly a favorite song either. It starts off with “Holograms of Sorrow” repeating a few times. Nullifer seems a tinsy bit off key. The song doesn’t improve that much as the chorus comes about. Not my cup of tea.
  11. Plasmic Snow
    Getting slightly better on the rebound. Plasmic Snow won’t make the favorites list, but its getting there, somewhat. I like the keyboards that was used in the song, the voices could give Nullifer a bit of a break maybe.
  12. Electrostatic Forms
    This song reminds me of Final Fantasy VII. “…Rivers full of green materia…” and “… Painful visions, rusty sounds in the castle made of steel, I don’t remember anything else, but we found ourselves here..” are some of the lyrics in the song. For the record, I have not played that game in over five months, but the imagery combined with the lyrics tells me that.
  13. Spacial Grave Town
    It has a different keyboard key tone to it. Its not dark or deary, its more upbeat. “All the dead bodies that lost in space got let them all out.” So.. space is our new grave yard for cadavers? Sounds like an interesting idea, after all, it is certainly spacious.
  14. Refuge to an Eternal World
    Again with the traditional, or seemingly tradition attire for The Darkest Labyrinth, this album ends on an instrumental. And thus ends another chapter for Spectrum-X… for now of course. =D

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


~ by Raelynn on April 12, 2008.

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