Ayabie World Tour!!

Electric Orchid Productions is a new company, and their first tour is going to be one to remember!!

That’s right!  Ayabie is coming to the US!

From Electric Orchid’s bulletin on Myspace:

Announcing Ayabie’s first US tour!

Mischief and mayhem abound when oshare leaders Ayabie release their hyper-powered sonic confections on unsuspecting ears. With influences from electronica to anime, Finnish metal to fairytales, the one thing keeping it together is the band’s gleeful excitement about it all. And nowhere is that excitement more palpable than at their exhilarating live shows. They’ve been rocking out Japan since 2004, Europe since 2006 and, at last, they’re touring America in 2008.
Come and give your smile a workout!


Date: Sunday, June 15th
Venue: Knitting Factory NYC
Doors: 5pm
Start: 6pm

Date: Monday, June 16th
Venue: 8×10 Club Baltimore
Doors: 6pm
Start: 7pm

Date: Monday, June 18th
Venue: Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago
Doors: 6pm
Start: 7pm

Date: Monday, June 19th
Venue: Safari Sam’s, LA
Doors: 6:30pm
Start: 7:30pm

All shows are ALL AGES. Ticket Price: $25.
Tickets on sale APRIL 12th!

Be sure and check out Ayabie’s US page and Electric Orchid’s as well!


~ by Samehada on April 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Ayabie World Tour!!”

  1. HELLLLSSSS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT TIME!

  2. why do all three of them say monday? im going to the one in la but is it on the 19th?

  3. I just noticed that too. O.O What the hell?

  4. wait do u need to buy a ticket?

  5. the concert was the best!!!! it was very fun! ^_^ I’VE BEEN SINCE FOR EVER BUT…..I GOT TO SEE THEM!!! hehehehehe

  6. sadly i didnt have anything for them to sign T_T

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