Name it

  1. Vocalist — 3/12 to 3/15 Winner: Kyo (Dir en Grey)
  2. Guitar (lead) — 3/15 to 3/19 Winner: Uruha (the GazettE)
  3. Bass — 3/19 to 3/23 Winner: Tsunehito (D)
  4. Guitar — 3/23 to 3/27 Winner: Kozi (ex Malice Mizer)
  5. Drums — 3/27 to 3/31 Winner: Yoshiki (X Japan)
  6. Keyboardist — 4/1 to 4/4 Winner: Sakura (NoveLis)
  7. Producer — 4/4 to 4/8 Winner: Kiwamu (BLOOD)

So, now you have your “band” line up and whom is producing it… Name it. You can take into the accounts of their history, names, position, attitude, visual style, their visual era, etc. However, it cannot be the name of an existing Jrock/Visual kei band or be a band the person was in previously including non-major solo projects or starter bands.

Get brownie points: Tell me, why are they the best? What makes them seem to you like they are the top of the Jrock food chain?

If someone leaves an “omg ttly hot” comment, Imma slap you. =D
>> Sammeh, don’t you dare.

~ by Raelynn on April 8, 2008.

8 Responses to “Name it”

  1. Kyo’s voice has such an unbelievable flexability, it puts him far above the rest.

    Not quite sure how the next two won, their were better examples of musicians in both categories. >_>

    Yoshiki, is a brilliant drummer. He throws himself so far into the music that he sometimes ends of hurting himself (look at the Night of Destruction, where he fainted on stage).

    I don’t pay much attention to keyboards ._.;

    And yoshiki should have won Producer. He made his own label for X Japan so they could be heard and continued with his work during and after X’s demise. He’s pretty much a household name, where as Kiwamu is…not so much. =/

    Sorry yto anyone who disagrees 😀

  2. You didn’t mention anything about Kozi. You afraid of his eye? xP

  3. I dub this group : Madness Imparted. The reason is that all of the chosen people on this list share their deep, almost insane, love for their art. All are deeply emotional and pour their soul into every performance.

  4. Wow, Hank, that’s like the most intelligent post by you ever.
    (don’t take offense, though XD)

  5. Don’t know him or care! But now that you mention it, there were better choices on there 😀

  6. Wow you’ve never heard of Malice Mizer. 😦

  7. No, I’ve heard of them. They had a few good songs, but nothing terribly great even when Gackt was with them. Although after Kami died, it really waasn’t the same.

  8. Of course it wasn’t the same after Kami died. Even with a support drummer you can’t replace Kami, even if he did leave music scores/lyrics before he died. Gackt seems to ruin a lot, I’m not very fond, aka don’t like him even with his solo career, of him, but he did have an era with Malice Mizer.

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