About the Sakura flower

As most of you know, JRVK’s official logo is the sakura, or cherry blossom. Sadly though, when you mention a “Sakura” around these parts most will respond with animu. So I’ve typed up a little page about the Sakura flower and its meaning.

The Sakura, or cherry blossom, is a small flower that blooms in the spring. Several cultures of the indigenious countries that the sakura is home to have different meanings. In China, the blossom symbolizes feminine beauty, the feminine principle, or love in the language of herbs and plants. However, in Japan, the flower represents the transient nature of life, because of their short blooming times.

Continue reading About: Sakura Flower. As a side note, the flowers in Japan should be blooming soon, if you get any pictures of it, please do let us know. =)


~ by Raelynn on April 8, 2008.

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