D Website Renewal

D has updated their site with their new look! I’m not sure I like it…but then again, I’m looking at it on my laptop screen which is lighter than my normal screen…so everything looks really awful.  I probably wouldn’t have seen this until I returned home from class, except I saw the post by d_pics @ lj 😀

They’ve also updated their opening page with a new song, it’s no longer Schwarzschild…perhaps it’s Birth now?

Can’t wait till May!!


~ by Samehada on April 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “D Website Renewal”

  1. They look more like guys which is actually a good thing 🙂 I like it.

  2. It looks a weee bit too white on Asagi’s skin tone.

  3. Unfortunately, you can’t even tell that Asagi is holding up his ever present cloak…I didn’t even notice myself till I was cutting him out yesterday for a banner and I wondered what the hell was in his hand.

    He looks like a video game character LOL…

  4. Maybe white was a bad choice for them.

  5. It IS a taaaaad too bright. But I still like, although it’s a little strange since I’ve been looking at Shinhwa now that I have their new album; I can’t tell if they look more manly or not right now, lol.

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