Yoshiki Press Conference

JaME got a chance to talk to Yoshiki at an international press conference for foreign media, below are some quotes from the interview which you can find here.

Are you still conscious of belonging to visual kei?

YOSHIKI: Well, I guess I’m still in visual kei. I don’t know…when we say “visual kei,” it’s not only about make up. I think it’s more about spirit. Being original is very hard these days. When you’re growing up, it’s very easy to just stay inside one area, but breaking the wall and getting out of the box is so hard. So I think that is the real meaning of visual kei…

I was curious as to how the image of hide was up there with them.

You showed an image of hide on stage. Was it the real hide? The computer-generated image was really detailed. How did you do it?

YOSHIKI: When I thought about this concert, I thought of doing a hologram and I researched various techniques all over the world. Then I chose the best technique which can be done right now. It’s the same technique which Al Gore used, but he did it in front of a green screen. hide doesn’t exist now and we had to create his image, so it was large scale work. But I really wanted to do that. Of course it wasn’t the real hide (laughs).

Darkest Night Ever

Today is April 2nd, that means the new Spectrum-X CD “Darkest Night Ever” releases today. The album will contain 14 tracks, and of course, its produced through the Darkest Labyrinth label. You can check out Spectrum-X’s myspace for a paypal link.


~ by Raelynn on April 2, 2008.

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