Sugar On Top

Rina here, with your daily dose of fun…or in this case, some Sugar.
Sugar is an indies group that
Sammeh found out about (of course), and if she were online right now, she’d probably be making this post. (I thought of it first, heh heh)
I first heard the Sugar / Emmuree collab, and I wasn’t impressed, but now with a new bassist, Shingo, and a new album (released Mar. 5), quite frankly, they rocked off my sox.

And SIZNA (guitar) made me die laughing. Why? Because of an old live of their on youtube that is guaranteed to have you staring and probably ROFLYAO.

But first, the link for impressive PV Blossom (embedding disabled, but click anyway, srly). Be amazed, and notice how this is one of the few groups that lets the bass lead. Best bass for sure.

And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for….SIZNA gone crazy. Blame it on Charlie. XD

That may have been back in the day when Koto was on bass, but it is definitely a Sugar classic.
So then…Woo, Charlie? Or a Charlie Wu? Male or female? Top or bottom? That is the question…ponder. XD

Check out our profile for them: Gimme Some Sugar

^”Charlie Woo coming to get jOO.”


~ by rina on April 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “Sugar On Top”

  1. >> Damn you for quoting me from msn.

  2. WOW. hahahahaha

  3. I have the rest of that video…the song at the end is Togabinin no sora (I have it romanized as Togabito no sora), and it is one hellacious performance!

    Through out the song Sizna does some seriously crazy moves…including at one point looking like he’s going to analy violate Loki with the neck of his guitar…

  4. xD wow. And Loki was nice enough to do his make-up and that’s how he gets repaid. XD

  5. Oh wow..Hahahaha.

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