New D’espa Visual

D’espairsRay have finally updated their profile pictures on their OHP…and they’re full of win!

Karyu doesn’t even look like himself…but he still looks great.  You must go to their OHP and loook!

and as a last random note…you must allll stare at the Loki and be hypnotized! 


~ by Samehada on April 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “New D’espa Visual”

  1. Tsu is looking good ^^

    Damn you and that damn animation >> I see Loki has a belly ring >>

  2. Maaah I love them. I’d love them even if they wore nothing. I’d love them even if they’d dress up like some crazy Harajuku Oshare kei band.
    D’espa is simply love. Can’t wait for Brilliant.

  3. …D’espa in Oshare…

    …I just got a really really horrid vision in my head…

    Now I want to photoshop their heads onto Sug’s bodies in their new visual…

    …SuG’s new visual is…colorful…to say the least.

  4. I like Despa’s new style, it’s kinda plain but I think will fit with Brilliant.
    BUT RAWR to that animation of Loki, where is that from???! O_O

  5. It’s from Sugar’s Yokusou PV.

    The whole PV is full of wow, but that’s the best part in my opinion.


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