Lyrics & Wallpapers

Rina brought up a nice idea this morning (around 2 something xD) that we should have a lyrics page. I think its a good idea besides the fact you guys do ask for a lot of lyrics, its also a pain in the butt for me to tear up my room looking for the CD jacket.. >>

The pages are new, and not everything is up yet. I do realize that I have made the pages for the ones I own, they may or may not have content. Please do give us time to write up the lyrics/get them translated. Some albums that I own do have to be translated from their romanji content. And although it is common knowledge, there is a warning atop every page. Please, if the content offends you, do not view it.

I have also made a new wallpaper. Its of Tatsurou and you can find it on the wallpaper section. Click the image to proceed there.


~ by Raelynn on April 1, 2008.

One Response to “Lyrics & Wallpapers”

  1. check the wallpaper gallery …it rocks!

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